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Hello friends, this is Taco-Belle speaking. Listed below are some of the many other chihuahua web pags that I enjoy looking at with Kelly and Ian. I hope you like them too.

Chihuahua Web Page Description
Doggie Dressup Some really great clothes to dress up your favourite chi. Check out the wonderful photos.
Taco and Belle Hey, check out this site, a companion site to the one above ... featuring Taco and Belle, and the best chi-dressup photo I've ever seen (beautiful). I share my name with them!!
Taco Bell Dog Check out the sounds and movies of my favourite chihuahua, The Taco Bell dog!
Taco Dog graphics Lots of graphics, incuding the ones my people used to make this site
Pähkinän Kennel Nice site from Finland with lots of cute chi photos, including some funny Xmas photos
Sweet Bay Chico Photos of Chico and Friends, some great doggie recipes and a touching Rainbow Bridge page.
Rouffis' Page Make sure you check out the Christmas Page!
Rashida Lakeesha The Chihuahua What a cute name! Includes lots of nice photos.
Chihuahua Kingdom See some really nice photos of Princess Nina (aka Nina Beana) as well as beautiful human babies April and Alexis.
Christine Holleyman's Homepage A very nice site with pages for Skeeter, Spike and Cocoa as well as some human family pages and much more
Knit A Chihuahua Sweater This is one of the pages on Staceyjoy's Knitting Stitch Portfolio website.
My nanny's going to knit me a jumper (as we call them in Australia) for next winter to keep me nice and warm. if you want one too, this page will tell you how. While you're there make sure you check out Staceyjoy's truly excellent photos of Wylie, Taffy Ticklebelly and Gator Potater.
Lake Applets Chihuahua Check out the chihuahua photos using the "lake applet" as well as many other animals photos.
Pet Crests Honour your favorite little furbaby with a world famous Pet Crest. Also available are T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs,and other quality items.
Chrystie's Gallery The Chi OneList Website where you'll find stacks of furbaby photos and lots more
Pro Dogs.com  
More to be added soon If you have a chi website you want listed just drop me an e-mail.

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