Symbol:  The bull

"I have"

The baby

Earth - fixed

Ruled by: 
Positive Qualities:

Calm, loving, dependable, loyal, trustworthy, honest, conservative, generous and artistic.
Negative Qualities:

Stubborn, Posessive, Jealous, Prejudiced, lazy and self-indulgent.

Extremely stubborn and inflexible so once they have have an idea or an opinion it is quite impossible to change it.
Patient, cautious and persuasive, the taurus has their own methods of doing things and succeeding, therefore most of the time they get their way.

They are very loyal and generous to their friends and those they love.  But be warned,
NEVER betray a taurus!!!  Once betrayed, a taurus will never forgive.

The Taurus is a very family orientated person, enjoys home and property, enjoys comfort, luxury and good food.  They are materialistic which makes them posessive on their favourite material items.  But when it comes to people they love, in a way they posess their friends like would posess their valuable belongings. 

Out of all the zodiac signs, Taurus' make the best parents!
As a friend:

They will sacrifice to the extreme to maintain a relationship with those they love since they do not relate to many people. They are outstandingly brilliant friends since they are willing to give freely without regard to time, money or practical advice...they are very generous to only those they love and will ensure all they can that their friends are confortable and happy.
Just never betray or lie to a taurus, once u do then u will no longer be a friend!
Sexual Characteristics:

A Taurus makes a great lover, but sex is a different aspect depending on if the person is a Taurus Male or a Taurus Female.  Even though they are the same sign, the role of sex is very different to each of them

The Taurus Male:

He prefers to have sex in absolute comfort and romance, he needs dim lights, romantic music and a glass of wine or champagne.  He is very choosy in the females that he takes to bed with him and hate a woman that argues with him because she will never win. They are highly sexed, strong willed and especially possesive in bed.  He prefers her to give in to his every wish without playing hard to get or other games, he is mature and smooth in bed and likes to have slow, passionate and fulfilling sex.

The Taurus Female:

She is instinctly skillful in the art of seduction,like a natural born talent.   She is highly sexual but submissive with her partner in bed.  As long as her partner treats her with tender loving care and understands her then she is willing to give him whatever he wants. She is not fussy like the taurean male of WHEN to have sex, or what enviroment must be set (as long as its private)...she just must be in the mood and ofcourse she must love or care deeply for that person. 

Once Taurean females desire sex, they will become highly agitated and demanding if their partner does not provide it!!!  Once provided, the Taurean female will become submissive and very affectionate towards their partner and want to fulfill his every wish (since he provided what she wanted)!!!
As a lover:

Taureans are not attracted easily and once they are, they still move towards the person they desire with extreme caution.  They will analyse the positives and faults of the person they desire, and then decide if they will move forward.
They like the person they desire to make the first move, but after that they like to take the lead.

They are slow to show their emotions even when their partner openly displays their own, but once they decide to commit to a partner, the taurus will show the MOST INTENSE love imagineable.

A Taurus needs stability in a relationship, so if their partner cannot provide this, a taurus will move on.

A Taurus views a serious commited relationship as the next step before marriage, thus Taureans are not into meaningless and non serious relationships since this a waste of their time.
They prefer to find a potential marriage partner and that is the only reason for having a relationship with someone (to see if that person is marriage material), not for sex or for playing around, Taureans are serious about their love life and who they will share it with.  A person is lucky if they have a taurus for a partner, since Taureans make great lovers and only love to give pleasure to that one person they love.
This is why Taureans are very cautious while choosing a partner.

Most Taureans have strict ethics and rules for how a relationship should work, Taureans will follow all their ethics perfectly including being faithful to the point of extreme and they expect that from their partner, but if their partner cannot live up to this, it is pure betrayal. Taureans have no problem ending a relationship quickly when it comes to betrayal.
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