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Welcome, Cadet, to Area 51.
You will be assigned to the Starship USS Roddenberry NCC-6406
Deck One
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Auxiliary Bridge - StarTrek Watchposta play-by-email game
Current Crew
Acting Captain:
Azra Lev
First Officer:
Arrand Rand
Science Officer:
Keldon Ren
Medical Officer: Doctor Eve Garrison

Engineer: Lt. Jg. C. David Dufresne

Section Six
Greetings. I am Lieutenant Commander Thoraz Brynaziir.  I will show you around.You can access the record logs of the USS Fearless below. There are files on the crew and on past missions.
Sadly, the game has ended after many years.
Admirals   Equipment   ShadowOperations: A Star Trek Role-Playing Game Experience    Current Crew Profile
Current Crew:
Captain: Captain Sortha [Gorn; 7'00]
Executive Officer: Commander Thoraz Brynaziir [Betazoid, 6'04]
Second Officer: Lieutenant Commander Blaine Veruna [Betazoid, 5'05]
Chief Tactical Officer:Lieutenant, junior grade Phil Silva [   ]
Assistant Tactical:
Security Chief: Lieutenant Commander Grim'lar [Klingon, 6'00]
Assistant Security:
Security Officer:
Security Officer:
Strategic Operations:
Ops Officer: Ensign Squall Leonhart [Krugon ] [NPC]
Conn Officer: Lieutenant, junior grade Pieter Van Leuwen [Human, 6'3]
Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Shanta [Vulcan, 5'9]
Assistant Engineer:
Chief Medical Officer:Lieutenant Commander Blaine Veruna [Betazoid, 5'05]
Combat Medic:
Chief Science Officer: Ensign Ashley Deliz [Human, 5'04]
Bajoran Observation Officer:
Klingon Exchange Officer: Lieutenant Major Grim'lar [Klingon, 6'00]
Mission Specialist:
Red Squad   Red Squad Training  Stealth Crew  First Assignment  KahgalCrew AdditionalInto Cardassian SpaceFearlessBolinarRisaBack to Cardassian Space
Crew Ammended   A Change of Orders   Time Shift   Romulan Insertion   Crew Revisited   Shore Leave   The Bajoran Orb   DefectorStarbase 299   TheGorn   Prisoner Exchange   Qo'noS   Xerkos- part 2   Ijin   Xerkos   White Stop   CLASSIFIED
USS Stealth, Canada Class, NCC 49107
USS Fearless, Sovereign Class, NCC 14598-A
Assignment two - UUS AvengerCREW
Captain:Captain Vehakra Rhikal [Orion]
Executive Officer: Commander
Strategic Operations: Commander Thoraz Brynaziir [Betazoid]
USS Vigilant II
Section Seven
Greetings, i am Captain Thodan.  I will show you around.  You can access the record logs of the USS Repulse below.  There are files on the crew and on past missions.
Current Crew:
Captain...............................Captain Thodan [Andorian, 6'02]
First Officer........................Commander James Doblin [Human, 5'11']
Chief Medical Officer: .........Commander Elizabeth Wilson [Human, 6'00]
Chief Science Officeer.........Ensign James Carr [Human, 6'00]
Chief Engineer.....................Lieutenant Gil Karoch [Human, ex-Borg, 6'02]
Assistant Engineer................Ensign Eric Odin [Betazoid, 6'06]
Chief Tactical Officer...........Lieutenant Jeremy Johnson [Human, 5'11]
Chief Security Officer..........Lieutenant Hera Zeus [Bajoran/Betazoid, 5'06]
Assistant Security Officer.....
Assistant Security Officer.....Ensign Elocin Shea [Trill, 5'08]
Conn Officer.......................Ensign Matt Stoll [Human, 6'02]

Station Umbra One
USS Repulse -Shuttle -
Repulse Crew    Repulse Missions - under Captain Thodan
A New Command
After the war, and due to downsizing of Shadow Operations, Thodan was transferred to Station Umbra One as First Officer under Admiral Sakata.
A New Command
Section Eight
USS Ticonderoga
Captain: Captain Thodan [Andorian, 6'02;]
Executive Officer: Commander James Doblin [Human, 5'11']
Chief Medical Officer: Commander Elizabeth Wilson [Human, 6'00]
Chief of Security: Lieutenant Ryan Haught [Betazed, 6'0]
Assistant Security:
Security Officer: Ensign Ryramorl Ra'yral [Laranyx, 6'09]
Chief Tactical Officer:
Assistant Tactical: Lieutentant, junior grade, Gavriel Sorn [Betazed, 6'00]
Chief Science Officer: VACANT
Chief Conn Officer:
Ensign Gage Suder [Human/Betaze, 5'09]
Chief Ops Officer:
USS Ticonderoga, NCC-
Crew Profile
USS Ticonderoga

Deck Two
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