Saturday April 15th: Frock&Roll
SommerChristine will join other local designers, Saturday April 15th at Alice Cooper'stown in downtown Phoenix.  The event showcases the wears of local designers on stage while local bands rock their sound through the speakers.  Bring $10 for the door and cash to buy the styles you see on stage.  Door proceeds go to charity benefit.

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and help raise money for Arizona's animal rescues and shelters.  Three of the 18 dowloadable desktop calendars feature original swimwear by SommerChristine.  Swimwear by Susan DiStaulo is also featured in the photos by World Famous Photographer Christopher Cashak featuring six Arizona models including Vanessa Sterner (pictured at left).  Venessa models a purple micro-suede "Rugged"suit by SommerChristine for the month of June,  Amparo Wolff models the lime green "Split" dock-side for the month of July and Erica Sterner shows off the yellow "Tyt" for the month of October.  These desktop calendar's are recommended for person computer use.  thank you for supporting Arizona's animal rescues and shelters.

SommerChrisitne is no
w Mandi Leigh*'s personal designer!  Be on the lookout for Mandi and her dancers.  Check out for performance and album info.

The photograph by Christopher Cashak of Vanessa Sterner wearing "Split" by SommerChristine recently took 4th place
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