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Doreen's Place

About Me

I was born on the beautiful Island of Barbados.
As a young woman I had dreams of traveling and seeing
some of the world.
My dream became a reality
when I got the opportunity to come to the United States.
My first stop was Puerto Rico.
From there I arrived in New York City. What an eye opener.
The tall buildings. The crowds, the subways, and the stores.
Shopping was my favorite thing. So many choices.

Places I have visited

From there my journey continued.
Within the USA I have been to Washington D.C,
Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Florida,
Los Vegas, California, Hawaii, Montana and Texas.

I have also visited Mexico, and Canada
I actuallly lived in France for two and a half years.
And The State of Hawaii for 18 months.

About My Country

Barbados is known as the most beautiful Island in the caribbean.
Many Presidents from the USA have vacationed there.
It is the most popular island for a vacation.
The Island was first occupied by the British in 1627
But gained full independence in 1966
under the leadership of Errol W. Barrow he servered as
Prime Minister from 1966-76 and from 1986-87.
He died in Office.
There is a community Park named in his honor.
He is also honored on his birthday with Errol Barrow Day.

The people are very friendly and
are always ready to greet you with open arms.

It is known for it's famous Mount Gay rum,
which was distilled in the 1640's,
what we have today was distilled in 1703.
Rum, sugar and petroleum are some of it's main exports.
It is surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches.

Mr Barrow was a family Member.

My mother lived to be a little over 90 years old.
She raised 5 of 12 children.
I never really knew my dad, he died when I was four years old.
My family are scattered in England, Canada
and the United states. It is amazed how we tend to lose tract
of family as we grow older.

Most of the music on these pages is calypso.
Regge is also quite popular.
There are a wide range of Musical extravaganzas.
A Jazzy festival, A Gospel Season.
Also Classical musicals.
Many well known artists
from around the world perform on the island.

This is a map of Barbados


The island has a distinguishably British flavor.
Afternoon tea is very popular.
The island is also known as little England.
Bajans as we are called,
are still members of the British Common-wealth.

Barbados Flag

The Primeminister's Flag

The Queen's Flag

Remembering my gracious Queen Mum
In your own words you said.
"To die you will be in the presence of our Lord Jesus
Who bore the crown of
thorns on his head for us.

May you find confort in his loving arms

A Barbadian's Victory!
Obadele Thompson
Who won the first Olympic medal for Barbados.
A historic 100 metres bronze Medal
In the 2000 Sydney Olympic games.
Barbadians around the world are
very proud of you.

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"Black Tuesday"

My condolences go out to all of
those that have lost their love
ones in the terrible tragedy on
September 11, 2001

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