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Click to see "London Free Press Article"
Click to view the 2004 & 2005 Ridgway Rendezvous videos!
Click on picture to link to Ridgway Record article!
Click picture to see Ridgway Record article!
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Click to view my Youtube video "Chainsaw Carved Harley"
Click to view my Youtube video "Chainsaw Carved Angel"
2006 Campbell River Competition pics!
2007 Campbell River Competition pics!
2006 Ridgway Rendezvous pics!
2007 Ridgway Rendezvous pics!
2008 Ridgway Rendezvous pics!
2008 Quincy Illinois pics!
2008 Haliburton pics!
2007 Steinbeck Germany pics!
Click to view my Youtube video for the 2008 Haliburton Chainsaw carving course
Click to view the 2008 Campbell River competition videos
Click to view the 2008-1 Quincy Illinois video
Click to view the 2008-2 Quincy Illinois video
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