Symphony I, the commission for a musician!
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Commission sculpture of Black Walnut!
This is a commission sculpture for an "87 year young" friend that was previously an orchestra conductor, music teacher & a pianist. It is being sculpted out of a Black Walnut log, my favourite wood!
Beautiful grain & colour contrast in this piece!
Shaping after chainsaw roughing!
Working with an air die-grinder with my new "Extreme" Kutzall bit!
Done with the chainsaw & now on to an "Extreme" Kutzall bit!
Starting to show some details!
Details coming along!
Side view!
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The details on this section are now almost fully 3 dimensional!
Treble cleft & music note from side view shows back side now removed!
Back side of this section now removed & 3rd dimension becoming evident!
Starting to rough out the fingers in position on the hand!
Top view of the hand!
Side & top view of the hand!
Symphony II
Symphony III
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