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Welcome to my Website where I show my creations

I am a wood sculptor using mostly a small detail carving chainsaw. I do on-site carvings whereas I can transform an old growth tree trunk into a work of art or if you don't happen to have an old growth tree destined to be removed, I have a wide selection of logs in every size & most species available. All the wood I use for sculpture is either found wood or old growth trees that have been removed & are destined for the landfills, in most cases. This gives these beautiful works of nature a "Second Life" to please peoples imaginations permanently. I do custom benches, furniture of all sorts, custom signs & even can build or customize your existing deck or log home into a beautiful lasting piece of art work. Memorials carved into old growth trees, out of logs, onto a special designed sign or bench are all possiblilties which I have created many over the last few years. I am gifted at sculpting, what I term as "Mechanical Carvings" whereas I can recreate your favourite airplane, car or motorcycle or what have you, out of a piece of beautiful wood for you to enjoy.

I teach chainsaw sculpture lessons privately & the lessons can be custom tailored to your interests. I also teach an accredited introductory Chainsaw Sculpture course each summer at the Haliburton School of the Arts.

Live Carving Exhibitions are one of my favourite entertainment & demonstration endeavors also & I demonstrate at many fairs, store grand openings, annual company picnics or any other get together type of event you have planned & would like great entertainment value. With the commissioning of me to create a piece of art before your eyes, the host owns the carving after the show to do with what they wish whether it be for fundraising or charities  

Please feel free to contact me for any inquiries concerning a sculpture, lessons or anything your interested in rwenzoski@live.com or call 519-678-3155. I hope you enjoy your visit & it opens up the imagination to the possibilities!

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