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The "Rivet" sign
Roughed out with Husky electric chainsaw!
Fitting, drilling & dowelling!
Another shot!
Pushed outside & 1st coat of linseed oil!
Name, layed out on 10 x 14 x 4' peice of Fir!
Stone fit & more doweling!
Oiled with veggy oil!
<- Hi Jessie!
Oops, shale pieces falling off!
Dry fitting the pieces!
Glued, doweled in place & clamped
I was recently out in Beautiful British Columbia & did a little "sign project" with my cousins, Trent & Tyson. It is built out of Fir & the Shale was picked up by Trent near his home. It was a very enjoyable time & look forward to spending more time & doing projects together.
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