Projects II
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A beautiful "Bonnet chest" I have recently purchased, in need of some TLC!
Bonnet chest, stage 1, disassembly, repair & re-assembly!
This is another in need of attention!
Another in need of some attention!
A table I picked up that the legs hade been butchered!
I turned a new set of spindle legs instead of the previous square ones!
The original legs on this table were square, rather plain & had been cut in half, so I turned some new ones out of Black Walnut!
Origninal feet glued & clamped back in position!
The original "feet" glued & clamped back in position!
Projects I
An antique mirror, circa 1933, which I found at a garage sale, repaired & refinished!
Bonnet chest  continued on "Projects III". Please stay tuned!
Trestle table finished!
Projects III
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