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This is a commission for the Central Catholic High School in London, Ontario & it is their school emblem. It will be carved off-site, in the round & then mounted on the top of an old growth tree trunk at the front of the school. Coincidence is, the Birch tree trunk I picked up came "Out of the Blue" from a farmer that had taken it down some time ago & just didn't have a chainsaw large enough to cut it up into firewood. It took about an hour to get onto my trailer as it is a little on the large size (10' x 5' diameter in a couple of sections) & his tractor would barely lift it. After we finally got it loaded the farmer informed me that the trunk originally came from an old school house just down the road!!! From one school to another!
The log now mostly be-barked due to the possibilities of nails & I was intending on using the larger section of the butt & discovered that the top end of the trunk was made for the Crusader to fit right into with the large branches arranged in just the right places! It is stood up & some reference lines sketched on & the first cuts to create the first profile are done. If you look close you can see the sketched lines!
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