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Updated on: January 22, 2004


1/22/04- Well.... I went to Districts again. It was in Green Bay again. Peder was there this time! Yay!

I've been able to see him alot lately and it's really cool cuz now I can chat with him after concerts cuz I know him.

1/6/03- Wow. Over the weekend, I went to Districts... which is a Christian Youth Conference that happens once a year. This year is was in in Green Bay. So much happened and I am so happy right now. Click here to read about it. And my update tonight is a link which can be found below.

Quote/Event/Song Lyric of the time

"There are parts of your brain that are filled with nothing but gibberish."

"That would be highschool."

John and Scorpius on "Farscape"


Bigger Than Never (the song that I got the site title from)


Compassion International

You really need to go to this site. All I ask of you is that you at least look around.


Peder Eide's Website

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