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And Then There were Six.

By: Msmelanie


Chapter Twelve: Showdown at B.K.


Two weeks later...


"Heero's gonna kill me!" Quatre shouted as he ran though the mansion. "We need all the babies to get the girls back!"


"Sorry Quatre. All the Maguanacs look the same to me." Duo replied. "I don't know who had who."


Wufei looked at Duo. "This is your fault."


"My fault?" Duo questioned. " You guys didn't seem very upset about that shuttle cruise with all those lovely women."


Trowa shook his head shamefully. "I knew this would happen. Why'd I trust Duo so blindly?"


"Hey, we came back on time, right?  This place haas the tightest security, I'm sure Jimmy and Dominic's here someplace."


"Duo!" Quatre cried out. "There are over 100 rooms that are accessible to the Maguanacs! Plus, there are over 100 Maguanacs! how can we find the missing babies with our short time limit?!"


"Okay, okay!" Duo shouted. "Don't complain! Let's see...he wore a vest and a funny hat. Does that help?"


"They all wear that!" Quatre cried out. "Oh, I'm dead. I'm so dead."


"Master Quatre, are you alright?" Rashid asked as he walked in holding Dominic.


"Rashid, you have Dominic!" Quatre cried out joyfully. "Do you know where the other little boy is?"


"Jimmy? Yes, he's such a sweet boy. Quiet for a baby though.  I believe he's currently in the 52nd bedroom." Rashid smiled.


"Thanks Rashid!" Quatre called out as he took off with the other pilots.


In the 52nd room...


"Oh goody, I knew I could do it!"


"Do what?" Quatre asked as he stopped suddenly in front of the doorway.


"Oh, hello Master Quatre." the Maguanac smiled. "Jimmy's always so quiet that it can get kinda spooky. No matter what I did he wouldn't laugh, even when I tickled him on the bottom of his feet. But if you lift his little shirt," The Maguanac lifted Jimmy's shirt, "and blow on his little belly," he blew on Jimmy's little belly causing him to squeal with laughter, "he can't help it!"


Duo looked at Trowa. "Does that work Trowa? Do you squeal with laughter if someone blows on your belly?"


Trowa looked nervously at Duo. "..."


Quatre just smiled at the appearance of Trowa's light blushing and picked Jimmy off the floor. He handed him to Trowa. "There. Now let's go back and get the others."


"Okay." Duo agreed as he followed Quatre out the door. "I'll ask Catherine later then Trowa."


Trowa silently gulped as he followed Duo out the door.





Four hours later on Earth...


Heero kept looking at his watch. 'Where are they? The scientists show up in twenty minutes!'


Suddenly, he heard a car careening down the street. When it came to the parking lot, the pilots all got out.


"We're here!" Duo stretched. "Where do we setup?"


Heero looked at them dissaprovingly, then pointed to a spot behind the Burger King.


"I know we we're cutting it close, I'm very sorry!" Quatre apologized. "You see-"


"You know, he doesn't need details Quatre!" Duo interrupted. "Let's just set this up before the scientists show."


About 15 minutes later...


"You are 100% positive this'll work?" Duo asked not completely convinced.


"It'll work." Heero replied.


Quatre looked worriedly at Heero. "Yes, but that's what we thought-"


"This was conceived by Dr. J." Heero explained. "Plus, it's not a trap."


"It better not be." they suddenly heard from behind them.


"Hey, where'd you come from?" Duo asked.


Proffessor G shook his head. "It's not important. Do you have the children?"


"No." Duo replied.


The pilots all looked at Duo.


"They're just babies." Duo answered.




"Duo, from now on stay quiet." Heero muttered.


He moved away and revealed Heero Yuy Peacecraft and Rei Peacecraft from behind him.


Dr. S. stared at the pilots. "You do realize if you're planning a trap, we are already prepared for it."


"Yes." Trowa replied. "This isn't a trap. Just give back Catherine."


Dr. S. smiled and walked over to a nearby car. The women were released but held by gunpoint. "Okay pilots, on the count of three-"


"No. No gimmicks." Heero interrupted. "We know you probably have this place surrounded. If you don't receive the babies, then you'll end up coming after us. Let them go, and we'll walk."


The scientists looked at each other.


"No traps? Are you sure? Are those the real babies?" Dr. S. asked.


"Just look!" Duo shouted as he pointed to Heero's babies. "Do you know how hard it would be to find two twins with that messy hair?"


"Duo." Heero muttered.


The scientists looked at each other again. "Alright." Dr. S. agreed putting away his gun. "You're right, we are fully prepared for anything."


The guys walked over to the women and tried to make them get into their car.


"Heero, you just can't hand them over!" Relena shouted as he tried to drag her away to their car.


"Relena, we'll get them back." Heero replied as he opened up her car door. "I had no choice."


Meanwhile, Trowa just picked Catherine up and flung her over his shoulder. "Jimmy!" she continued to cry out.


Duo was thinking about doing the same thing. "Hilde, stop!"


"Michael! Michael! Michael!" she kept screaming out. "Duo, how could you just leave him?! How could you?!!"


Duo finally got her into the car.


The only mother who didn't make a scene was Dorothy. She quietly looked back at Dominic. 'I knew I could never be allowed happiness.'


"You stupid weakling!!" Mae Linh shouted as Wufei tried to shove her into the car. "How could you leave your daughter like this?! INJUSTICE!!


The scientists just smiled as they watched the pilots leave.

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