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A Weekend to Remember


Chapter Two: “Wish Accepted”


Twas three o’clock in the morning, and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a Gundam pilot.  Everyone was all snug in their beds, while visions, of only God knows what, danced through their heads.  Suddenly, there came a slight clatter.  For upon a dresser top in a room where four unsuspecting souls slept, rested a silver moon amulet. 


It was given to a young woman as a birthday gift and now it began to awaken.  It started to glow in the moonlight shining through the balcony glass door.  The image of a dragon rose from the amulet and floated in the air.  It came to a stop in between the two beds.  A light escaped from its eyes.  One green light landed on the bed to the right, where Duo and Hilde slept and a second light went to the left, where Heero and Relena slept.  A long eerie smoke extended to both sides of the room and traveled over each person.  The smoke formed into arms.  Then, a dragon’s claw slightly passed over Duo’s head to Hilde’s then back to Duo, and the other claw passed over Heero’s head to Relena’s then back to Heero.  When it was finished, the claws disappeared and the smoke began to travel back into the dragon.  Then, the voices of Relena and Hilde could be faintly heard.


            “Relena, do you ever wonder what it would be like to be in their shoes . . . Seeing how the other half lives, even if it is only for a day or two.”


“Oh all right. Yes!  Maybe sometimes it would be nice to have a different role in life . . . How about you, do you ever wish to trade places with Duo?”


“Silly question.   Why would I have asked you, if I never thought about it before?”


Suddenly, the green light coming from the dragon’s eyes got brighter and it said, “Your wish has been granted.  For two days you all will experience how your other half lives.”(A.N. Imagine the voice of the Eternal Dragon on DBZ) Then, the dragon drifted back toward the dresser.  It settled back into the amulet and returned to its slumber.  The amulet on top of the dresser became quiet and all was returned to normal.  Well, almost all.




About 7:00am:


Dorothy opened her eyes to the sunlight coming into the room.  ‘Man, I love the morning.  It holds the promise of a bright new day,’ she thought as she sat up.  She looked over to her left.  He was still asleep.  ‘Oh, he is so cute.  He looks so innocent with his eyes closed.’  She leaned over and kissed his forehead, then started to get out of bed.


“And just where do you think you are going young lady?”  He asked just before he grabbed her around the waist, pulled her back down on the bed and situated his body on top of hers.


“Oh, I was just going downstairs.  I thought I would cook breakfast.”


“But, what if I don’t want you to get out of bed yet?”


“Well, Mister, I guess you will just have to get used to disappointment.”  She said with a smile on her face.  He gave her an innocent look.  “Oh no, don’t you go giving me that puppy looks of yours.”


“But, I like giving you my puppy look.” And he added a pouty lip just for emphasis.


“That is because it usually gets you what you want.”  She shot back at him sarcastically.  He continued to give her ‘his’ look.  “Oh, you don’t fight fair.”


“I know.”  He said with a smirk.  Then he began tickling her.


“Trowa! Stop!”


“Why?  You are cute when you laugh.”


“Because . . . hahaha . . . I don’t *snork* like . . . hahaha . . . being tickled.”


“Say the magic word.”


“Pl . . . hahaha . . . Plee . . . ha . . . Please Trowa . . . hahaha . . . let me up. Pl . . . haha . . . Please.”


“Okay.  But, only because you asked so nicely.”  He got off of her and laid on his back.  Then he put his arms behind his head and stared at the ceiling.


“Oh, no you don’t.  You little shit you aren’t getting away with it that easily.” She sat on top of him straddling his hips.  She got a mischievous smile on her face then began tickling him under his arms.


“Oh, no you . . . haha . . . don’t you little vixen.”  Then he turned the tables on her.  Now he was straddling her hips with her arms pinned under his knees.


“Trowa . . . hahaha . . . I’m . . . ha *snork* I’m sorry . . . hahahaha . . . stop . . .haha . . . please.”  He stopped ticking her, but he kept her pinned down.


When she finally caught her breath, she looked up at him.  He had a look of triumph on his face. 


“You are cruel.  You know that.”  She told him.


He smiled an almost genuine smile.  “I know.”


“All playfulness aside.  I do need to get up before someone finds out our little secret.”




They have been officially a couple for about three months.  She knew there was something special about him ever since he and Quatre had shown true concern for her on Libra.  She knew at that moment that she needed to rethink her life.  Quatre had been right.  She did hate war.  War only caused heartache and loneliness.  And Trowa’s words affected her even more, when he said, “How sad.  A girl who can’t cry.”  He was right, too.  Back then she would not cry.  She hid all her emotions behind a mask.  She only showed feeling toward the beauty of war.  After Libra, she did not see him again for a long time.  She used the time to rethink her life and made a lot of changes.  The next time she saw Trowa was when his circus came to the colony she was staying on last summer.  She decided to see it, since she had not been to the circus in years.  The last time she went was when she was a little girl.  Her dad took her.  She decided to go because she wanted a carefree day to remember how her life was before the war with the colonies.  She saw him perform with a redheaded girl, who threw knives at him.  He never moved a muscle, and she never hit him.  Dorothy was captivated by their performance.  After the show, she decided to go talk to him.


“Hello, Trowa Barton.  Remember me?”


“Yes.  How can I forget?  Dorothy Catalonia.”


“Hum . . .Well, I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your performance, and to apologize to you for my actions during the war.”


“Thank you and there is no need to apologize.  Everyone fought for what they believed in.  I’m just sorry we were on opposite sides.”


“That’s true.  Oh, I also want to say thank you.”


“For what?”  He got a quizzical look on his face, which he quickly covered up.


“For helping me see I was wrong, which led me to a different outlook on life.”


“Your welcome, but I thought Quatre did most of the work.”


“He did do a lot.  I saw him not too long ago and we got to talk.”




“Well, I need to leave.  It was nice talking to you Trowa.  I guess I will see you around.”  She then winked at him and left.


They saw each other a few more times during the summer, while his circus was still on the colony.  They gradually grew closer to each other.  They began to realize how much they shared in common.  Both of them hid behind a mask to protect their feelings from the world.  Trowa always hid behind a stoic face, while Dorothy always hid behind a tough facade.  Once this realization came to them, they knew it was all right to show their feeling to each other.  And so it came to be that alone in one another’s presence that they gave the gift of their true feelings to each other.  No one except Trowa’s sister, Catharine, knew their secret, and she promised not to tell.  They just did not think all their friends were ready to know the truth.  It was a shock for the two of them to discover they had feelings for one another.  Everyone else will probably fall over into a coma (1).




“You’re right.  This is not the way for everyone to find out.”  Trowa said.


“Then let me up, silly, so I can get out of your bed and go downstairs before anyone else wakes up.”  He reluctantly rolled off of her to let her leave.  Dorothy got up and slowly walked to the door.  Before she opened the door, she turned around to face Trowa.  “I guess I will see you around.”  She said then winked at him and walked out the door.


Trowa snickered at her last remark remembering the last time she said that to him.  “Oh Dorothy, how far we have come since then.”




Half an hour later in the kitchen:


Dorothy was cooking eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns on the stove, while Catharine was putting the biscuits she made in the oven, and Trowa was setting the table. 


Quatre walked in and saw that they were the only ones awake.  Catharine saw him come in and gave a big smile.  When he smiled back, she winked at him, which caused the cute blonde to blush.  Both Dorothy and Trowa noticed their exchange. 


Dorothy smirked and made a mental note.  ‘Oh, this could prove to be interesting.  I’ll have to get Hilde in on this one too.’


“Wow!  It sure smells good in here.  I am surprised Duo’s nose and stomach have not led him in here yet.”  Quatre said, breaking the silence in the room.


“He will come here soon enough.  The smell just hasn’t reached their room yet.”  Dorothy replied.


“I guess you are right.  I just hope the rest of us will have enough to eat once Duo gets down here.” Quatre said with a smirk.


“Don’t worry I came prepared.  He won’t get more than the rest of us.”


“Miss. Bloom!”  Quatre screeched, when he saw she had a knife in each hand.


“Oh, don’t worry so much Quatre. She is only going to use those to scare him.  Aren’t you, sis?”  Trowa said to ease Quatre.


“Of course.  What did you think I’d use them for?”  Catharine answered with an innocent look, which caused all four of them to laugh.




Meanwhile, the smell of bacon finally reached the nostrils of one, Duo Maxwell. *sniff, sniff* ‘I smell something good.  Must be time to wake up.’  He opened his eyes and sat up. 


He stretched then leaned over to kiss Hilde good morning.  He stopped cold, when he was about an inch from her face, because he realized it was not Hilde’s face.  It was his.  ‘I’m about to kiss myself good morning.  That doesn’t make much sense.’ 


He closed his eyes thinking it could be a hallucination.  He reopened his eyes to see the same thing.  ‘This has got to be a bad dream.’ 


He pinched his arm.  “Ouch.”


‘Ok, it’s not a dream.  Now what?’  He then reached his arm behind his head.  He began to panic.  His braid, it was gone.  ‘This can’t be happening!’




Three heads immediately popped up becoming fully awake.  Duo’s outburst caused Heero to jump out of bed.  He was in his fighting position ready to do battle.  It was when he jumped out of bed that Relena saw herself do the action.  She immediately panicked.  Hilde began to panic herself.  She was looking at herself leaning over her.  Heero stood there totally confused for a moment.  Then he turned around to see his own self still in bed looking at him with a panic stricken face.  Suddenly, the most horrifying scream came from the body staring at him.




Heero looked down to see he was wearing a light blue nightgown.  Realization came to him and he also screamed.




On the other side of the room, Duo and Hilde were screaming too.  Duo was also yelling, “What the hell happened?”


Suddenly, the bedroom door slammed opened and in rushed Wufei sword drawn and ready.  “I’ll smite all injustices!” 


He stopped mid stride, when he noticed Heero, Relena, Duo, and Hilde starring at one another and screaming.  “What the hell is the big idea?  You bakas could wake the dead with those squeals.  I thought something terrible happened in here, and all I see is four people yelping like a bunch of banshees.  Relena and Hilde are excused.  They’re women.  Duo, I’m not surprised, but Heero, I’m shocked.”


Just then Quatre, Trowa, Dorothy, and Catharine ran in because they heard the screaming from downstairs.


“What happened?  Is something wrong?  We heard screaming from the kitchen.”  Quatre asked in a frenzy because he was worried about his friends.


“No nothing physically dangerous has occurred, when I came in they were just starring and screaming at each and other, and I haven’t yet found out why.”


“But that don’t make much sense.  No one just stares at someone and screams for no apparent reason.  Guys, what is wrong?”  Quatre asked, looking really concerned.


“HeismeIamheHeisme.”  Hilde tried to stammer out, but she was talking so fast and panicky only three other people knew what she was trying to say.


“Duo, you baka, stop babbling like a woman and just spit it out.”  Wufei said now getting more irritated.  He had no idea that it was Hilde babbling.


“Calm down Wufei.  He is obviously distraught over something.  Duo, are you all right?  You look very pale.”  Quatre asked.


Hilde finally managed to take a few breaths to calm down and said, “Yeah, I’m fine.  I just got startled that’s all.”


“But you’re fine now.”


“Yeah, he’s fine.  Hilde played a practical joke on him in his sleep, which startled all of us.”  Heero said and then glared at the other three warning them not to say otherwise.


“Miss. Relena, if what you say is true, why was Heero screaming too.  I’m sorry.  I just don’t see him as being easy to startle.”


Relena was about to panic because she was suppose to be Heero, and how could she explain a good reason why the perfect soldier would panic over something as simple as a practical joke.  Then an idea came to her.  She performed her best Heero death glare and said, “I don’t have to answer.  So I was screaming end of discussion.”  Then she crossed her arms over her chest to further demonstrate his I’m not in the mood to put up with any shit at the moment look.


“Fine.  I was just trying to figure what could have caused so much noise, but it you don’t want to tell us that is your prerogative.  Now if you will excuse me, I have more important things to tend to, like breakfast.”


Duo’s eyes perked up at the mention of food.  “So, what is for breakfast?  I’m starving.”


“I guess you will just have to come down to find out for yourself won’t you.”  Dorothy said then stormed out of the bedroom.  Trowa followed right behind her and Wufei left also.


“Smells like bacon to me.  I love bacon.”  Duo said starting to get excited.


“Hilde, you better watch it.  You’ve been around Duo too much because you are starting to develop his appetite.”  Catharine said trying not to laugh.


Duo trying to cover up his slip said, “Oh, I have always liked to eat, but I don’t have near his appetite.” 


Catharine and Quatre laughed at his remark then Quatre said, “Come on, Cathy, let’s go back downstairs, so they can change and come down themselves.”


“Alright.  Oh and Rellie love that nightgown it looks great on you.”  Catharine said.


Relena cleared her throat in an effort to remind Heero that was a comment he was supposed to respond to, but before he could reply Hilde spoke up.  “Thanks.  It’s mine.  I’m glad you like it.”


Catharine and Quatre looked at her like she had lost her mind.  The looks on their faces made Hilde realize her mistake.  She slapped herself on the forehead. ‘Damnit.  I’m suppose to be Duo.’ 


“Uh...I mean it is a gown I bought Hilde a while back.  I’m glad you like it.”


“Oh. Ok.  For a minute there Duo you had me worried.”  Quatre said.


“Oh, you know me.  I have to stick my foot in my mouth at least once a day.”  She said trying to cover up her mistake.


Quatre chuckled and shook his head as he followed Catharine out the door. 


Once the door was closed, “Excuse me.  I do not stick my foot in my mouth.”  Duo said defensively.


“Yes, you do, so drop it.”  Heero said.


“Okay fine, but I want to know something.  How the hell did this happen?”


“Hell if I know.  I go to bed and I’m me.  Then I wake up and now I’m you.” 


A light bulb went off in Relena’s head from Hilde saying, ‘and now I’m you.’   It reminded her of her and Hilde’s conversation on the balcony.  She gasped, jumped out of bed, and ran toward the dresser on the other side of the room.


“Relena, what’s the matter?”  Heero asked.


She picked up the amulet and stared at it.  Heero walked over to her.  “Relena?”


“I think this is all my fault.” She finally managed to say.


“WHAT?”  Three voices said at once.


“Well, I didn’t believe the sales lady at the antique shop, when she warned me.  I mean how could a rational person like myself possibly believe something so ridiculous about a simple antique.  I did not believe it could have powers.”  She spoke on the verge of going hysterical.


“Relena, what are you talking about?”  Hilde asked now starting to really get worried.


Relena took a moment to calm herself then said, “Well, I thought the woman who sold me the amulet was only telling me those stories to make your gift a more convincing buy.  I did not believe a word she said.  She just was not making logical sense.  And since I really wanted to buy you the amulet, I didn’t pay much attention to her.  As far as I was concerned, the amulet was a beautiful antique that would make the perfect birthday gift for you.  So I just let her prattle on about how it was a magical amulet that could make your wildest dreams come true.  I thought she meant like a good luck charm, but this is all beyond anything I could have imagined would happen.  Besides, why would she sell it, if it were magical?  Wouldn’t she want her dreams to come true?”


“She probably had similar encounter with it” Heero said, beaming with sarcasm. 


“Nevertheless, you must be able to remember some of her babbling?  Is there something that might help us in fixing this mess?”


“Not much.”  She thought for a second. “Oh!  She did say something about it only working on nights of a full moon.”


“And last night we did have a full moon.  Remember, you and I were looking at it on the balcony.  It was when we were talking about the amulet and switching...places.”  Hilde began excitedly then faltered when she realized why she was in Duo’s body and vice versa.


“Yes Hilde, me and you unknowingly made an actual wish under the full moon last night, while you were wearing the amulet.”


Duo and Heero looked at each other then at the Relena and Hilde.  “Please tell me you remember the exact wish, so we can try to get ourselves back to normal.”  Duo asked with a pleading look on his face.


“Actually, we had a pretty long discussion last night, but neither one of us actually said, I wish.”  Hilde replied.


“Hilde babe, it would be good, if you could remember anything.  Just try to remember the part where you two talked about switching places.”


“Besides, this is not a genie in a bottle we are dealing with.  You probably did not have to say I wish.  If you recall, Relena said the sales lady told her it makes your wildest dreams come true.”  Heero said.


“Wow!  Hilde I’m flattered.  I didn’t think you ever dreamed about being me.” Duo said with a pleased expression, despite the fact he was still nervous about the whole situation. 


The only answer he got was everyone rolling their eyes at him. 


“Let’s just try to stick to fixing our problem at the moment you baka.”  Heero chided Duo.


“Ok, Sheesh. I was just trying to lighten the mood a little.”


Hilde was tapping her forehead with her finger, while she was concentrating to remember her and Relena’s conversation.  (A.N.  She tapped her forehead kind of like Winnie the Pooh.  You know “Think. Think”).  “Well, let’s see.  Oh!  I remember.  I asked Relena if she ever wondered what it would be like in your shoes.  And she thought I meant being able to read your mind.  Well, she thought I was nuts because she said your mind was to complicated.”  Hilde said as she gestured toward Heero.  “But that is not what I meant.  So I asked her if she ever wondered what the world would be like through the eyes of a certain Gundam pilot.  You know, seeing how the other half lives, even if it is only for a day or two.”


Heero was trying his best to listen to Hilde’s rambling, but she was talking so fast he could hardly keep up.  “So you’re saying you asked Relena if she ever wondered about being a Gundam pilot.”  He interrupted Hilde trying to keep his thoughts and her story in order.


“No, I asked her if she wanted to be you.”


Heero looked at Relena, and she turned a bright shade of red.


“Anyway, as I was saying.  Finally, after I drew it out of her, she told me the truth.  She said yes it would be nice to have a different role in life.”


“Yeah, but don’t forget you made the same wish.  I asked you, if you ever wanted to trade places with Duo.  You said yes because you would get to fly a cool Gundam, be stronger, and legally walk into the men’s locker room.”  Relena said, and still she could not say the last reason without a smile.


“So that’s what you two were saying about the men’s locker room at Preventer Headquarters.  I hate catching the end of conversations, and it has been bothering me to figure that part out.”  Duo said.


Hilde got a mischievous look in her eye and started rubbing her hands together.  “That reminds me.  Preventer base, here I come.  Hehe.”  Then she walked toward the door.


“Oh, no you don’t.  You get your . . . Uh . . . my butt back here now.”  Duo said right before he grabbed Hilde and pulled her back to where she was.


“Ah come on Duo I was only kidding.  Sheesh, can’t you take a joke?”


“Not when it concerns you seeing a bunch of half dressed or maybe even naked men.”




“Will you two behave?  We have something more important at the moment to deal with.”  Heero said then he looked over at Relena.  “Now, was that the extent of your conversation?”


“Yeah, that was pretty much it.”


“My guess is since Hilde specified for only a day or two everything should return to normal at the end of two days.”  Heero said.


“That’s a pretty big assumption, Heero buddy.  And you know what they say about assuming.” Duo said.


“Yeah well, it’s all we got.”


“But what if at the end of two days nothing happens?”


“I don’t know, but until then I think it would be wise not to tell the others our situation.”


“Why not?”  Hilde asked.


“Because do you honestly think they will believe us?  They will probably either think we have lost our minds, or they will think it is part of some elaborate joke.  Think about it.  Would you believe this possible, if it did not happen to you?”  Heero reasoned.


“No, I wouldn’t.”  Hilde answered him.


“Heero, how are we supposed to hide this?  It is not easy pretending to be you, ya know.”


“But Relena.  You should have seen yourself.  You pulled off a damn good death glare, plus you managed to tick Dorothy off.  It was a greatest impression of Heero, if I’d ever seen one.”  Hilde said.


“Yeah, but that was one time.   We have to pretend to be each other for two days.  How are we going to pull that off?  One or more of us is bound to slip up.”


“You are probably right, Relena, but we will just have to do our best.”  Duo said.


“I guess you’re right.”  Relena sighed.


“Oh, lighten up.  Think of it as an adventure.  We can have fun with this.  How often does an opportunity like this arise?”  Hilde said cheerfully trying to lighten the mood.


Heero glared at Hilde then at Relena.  “Just don’t get any ideas.”


Hilde gave an innocent look.  “Who us?  Never!  We’ll be good” She held up her hand. “Scout’s honor.”


“Hey, that’s my line.”


“But, I’m you now, aren’t I?”






Heero rolled his eyes.  “This is going to be a long weekend.”


~~~To Be Continued~~~


(1) I’m sorry, if mentioning the word coma offends anyone.  I was just trying to think of a condition that could be the next to happen after suffering from severe shock.  Coma was the only thing I could think of.  Hey, I’m not a med student, okay.  I know it is a serious subject that shouldn’t be taken lightly that is why I felt I should apologize in case someone did get offended.  Gomen. 


Ok, that is the end of Chapter 2.  I guess I should mention that the first few lines of this chapter were similar to the poem, “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”  No, I do not claim ownership to the poem, but the owner is now many years deceased, and I did not think he would mind.  I guess I should also mention that I got the idea of the characters switching bodies from other fanfics, movies, books, etc.  However, the story and the situations I put the characters in are all my own ideas, so don’t say I copied off of anyone because this is my story and my imagination.  Mine.  Do you hear me?  MINE!  Sorry, I got carried away. I hope everyone liked it.


I’m sorry to all you QWxDC fans.  I kind of liked the idea of Trowa and Dorothy for this fic.  To all you Quatre fans out there, don’t fret.  Quatre is not going to be forgotten in this fic.  No sir.  I have my plans for Mr. Winner, but you all won’t find them out until a later chapter. 

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