7up, grape soda and alcohol: a hilarious combo.


            Duo was feeling bored, as he usually is, so he decided to throw a party at his

place, hoping to chase away the boredom. He decided that this was a good idea,

so he went to the supermarket to buy som party stuff. He looked at his list and read to

himself: "Drink umbrellas, grape soda, 7up, chips, cups, candy and ice

cubes," So he got to work, buying 3 bags of BBQ chips, 4 litres of pop a 50pack of

drink umbrellas, a large bag of ice cubes and about 10kg of candy. "That should do it."

 Duo thought aloud as he went to pay the casheir (the bill came to $200). On the way

home, however, Duop happend to pass a liquor stor and with an evil giggle, pulled into

the driveway. A few minutes later, he came out with 2 20 can pacs of miller beer while

laughing like a maniac to himself. He was laughing so hard, that he ran a red light

and almost crashed the car.

When he got home, Duo got to work on the party, he set up a table in the middle of the

room, put the chips and candy on it, got his stereo and all his CDs together and got to

work on the punch. At first, it was an innocent grape and 7up punch, but in went 40 cans

of miller beer...well, 39, Duo dropped one on the floor while laughing. After the punch was

made and on the table, Duo got to work phoning Heero, Trowa and Catherine, Wufei,

Quatre, Hilde, Dorothy, Noin, Sally and with a chuckle, Relena and sat down on the couch,



Five minutes later:


"Aw, man! Hurry up guys! I knew I should have got them to come earlier!" Suddenly, the

doorbell rang. It was Quatre, Trowa and Catherine. "Hello, Duo." Said Quatre, stepping

through the door. "Are we early?" Asked Trowa. "Nope. I was hoping to start sooner,

though." Said Duo, "The others are taking forever!" "How long have you been waiting?"

Asked Catherine. "Five minutes." Said Duo, impatiently. Sweat drops around the room.

"He's never been the patient type, has he?" Asked Catherine. "No. He's been like this as

long as I've known him." Said Quatre.



Ten minutes later:


There's a knock at the door. It's Wufei and Sally. "This better be a normal party, Maxwell." Snarled

Wufei, finding himself a nice wall to prop himself up against and glare at everyone who came in.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever..." Muttered Duo to himself as he shut the door. A minute later, the rest of the

guys were coming in. Noin who brought Zechs were the last one in. "Okay, let's party!" Said Duo,

blowing a party horn. Sweat drops around the room.



Twenty minutes later:


Everybody was having a good time exept, of course for Wufei and Heero, who were propped up against

opposing walls, glaring at each other. "I was wondering when the staring contest would begin..." Said

Dorothy, as she got a handfut of chips. "Oh, I almost forgot!" Said Duo, dashind over to the punch bowl.

He filled everyone a glass of punch and put a little drink umbrella in each, before serving them. It was

amazing how Duo kept himsef from snickering. Better yet, from blurting out with laughter. Duo, of course

had another bowl of punch without any alcohol hidden away for himself. "Well, go ahead! It's not like I've

spiked it or anything." Said Duo, taking a sip of his own.everyone breathed a sigh of releif and drank their




Fourty minutes later:


The punch was half gone...So was everyone's sanity. Wufei had started a congo line with Heero, who was

joined by Relena, Dorothy, Hilde, Noin and Zechs brought up the rear, Trowa was balencing on top of the

TV while Catehrine was throwing candies at him, Quatre was singing karioke (the song he was singing was

"Man, I feel like a woman" by Shania Twain) and Duo was rolling on the floor with laughter at everything that

was going on and taking pictures.



A half hour later:

The Gundam boys were singing the Backstreet Boys, but changing the corus to "Gundam's back,

all right!", while the girls made impressions of wild fan girls, screaming and dancing, and going up on stage

(which was the bed).


The party wnet way into the night and ended at around 3am, when everyone was passed out on the floor, even




At around 12 the next day:


Duo woke up and found everyone who was at the party was still there. "Oww, my head..." Duo exclaimed, while

looking around. His place was a complete disaster. Five minutes later, the reat of the guys woke up. "What the

hell are we doing at Maxwell's house?!" Wufie exclaimed. "No clue..." Said Quatre. Duo had hidden under the

coffee table to escape certain death by the hands of Heero and Wufei as everyone left the hous, confused. Duo

looked around and found his camera ad thought he would take a picture of the disaster, just for fun, but it was

out of film. "That's odd, I just put some in there last night..." Said Duo. "I'd better get these developped." So Duo

went to the photo shop.



One hour later:


Duo had finished at the photo shop and decided to go to the park to look at them. He got to the park and sat down

on a bench, opened the enveloppe and started cracking up at the pictures. He had tears flowing down his cheeks

he was laughing so hard, but stopped as a shadow cam over him. "AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" He screamed. It was

Heero. "Don't do that, Heero!" Duo said, shakily. "Did I startle you?" Asked Heero. "Startled...Isn't the...Word for...

It..." "What have you got there , Duo?" Asked Heero, indicating to the enveloppe. "Photos," answered Duo, "wanna

take a look at them?" "Sure." Said Heero. He looked at the pictures, shocked and surprised. Then he came to the

picture od the Gundam boys singing the Backstreet boys and turned to Duo. "Oh, crap..." Said Duo. "Omae o

Korosu!" Yelled Heero and stared chasing after Duo. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HE'S GONE

MAD!!!!" Yelled Duo, scampering up the nearest tree, but Heero managed to reach Duo and prevent his escape.


You could hear screams throughout the park as Duo got his head handed to him.


The end...Of Duo


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