Story #1: Flush Rush (Comedy, Rated: PG-13 for mild violence, mild language, drug content, and crude humor): This story takes place as soon "Mommy Fearest" ends. The woman that the Powerpuff Girls are about to attack turns out to be the king of right-wing radio, Rush Limbaugh, in disguise.  

Story #2: Bullies & Bubbles (Action/Drama, Rated: R for violence, language, crude humor, and sexual innuendo): This story is a sequel to "Bubblevicious." In this story, Bubbles gets arrested for her violent behavior and is thrown into prison, where she is bullied by Motus, a wannabe dictator. Blossom and Buttercup attempt to free Bubbles by persuading the judge but are unsuccessful, so they have to depend on Beanut Craven, a superhero from the city of Stratford, to help them.

Story #3: Quit Throwing Shit Into My Town (Comedy, Rated: PG-13 for language): This story is a sequel to "Mime for a Change." Inferno, a villain that Beanut fights, flies into Townsville and carries the exact same car that Bubbles threw in "Mime for a Change." Fortunately, the driver inside isn't dead, but has severe motion sickness. As it turns out, Bubbles threw the car so hard that it landed in the town of Fort Stratford, and Inferno doesn't want anything thrown into his hometown.     

Story #4: Bubbles' Little Adventure (Comedy/Adventure, Rated: PG for mild language): This story is a sequel to "Helter Shelter." Bubbles got in trouble with the law for releasing the animals from the Townsville Zoo. (Fortunately, the only people who were hurt in the incident were the prisoners who had to clean the zoo, no one else.) For punishment, Bubbles has to perform community service (on top of her crime fighting and school work). However, Bubbles' community service is far from ordinary.

Story #5: Rainbowcup (Drama, Rated: PG-13 for homosexual content, violence, and mild language): In this story, a girl named Samantha Jones moves from Stratford to Townsville and soon becomes friends with Buttercup. However, they become too close, and they become lesbians. Bubbles, on the other hand, becomes a devout Christian and is offended by Buttercup's ways. She decides to harass Buttercup for her "sinful" behavior and attempts to separate Buttercup and Samantha, once and for all.

Story #6: Trinity & Bubbles (Action/Drama, Rated: R for violence and language): The Powerpuff Girls come home from a long day of crime fighting. However, Blossom and Buttercup aren't pleased by how Bubbles fought, so they criticize her. Bubbles is offended by it and no longer thinks they love her. Suddenly, the Radicals, a group of villains from Stratford, invade Townsville and terrorize everyone in sight. The Powerpuff Girls arrive at the scene and attempt to fight the Radicals; however, the Radicals overpower the Girls, and Motus kills Bubbles. Bubbles goes to Heaven, where she meets the goddess, Trinity, who happens to be a villain Beanut fights, and the two team up with Blossom and Buttercup (who feel extremely sorry for how they treated Bubbles) and attempt to rid Townsville of the Radicals.

Story #7: Powerbean (Comedy, Rated: PG-13 for violence, language, and crude humor): In Britain, Mr. Bean has a stalker after him, so he has to be sent to America where he will be safe. Unfortunately, he arrives in Townsville, and he has to live with the Utoniums. The Powerpuff Girls have to protect Mr. Bean from his stalker, who may be lurking in the States. Blossom and Bubbles befriend their eccentric British pal, but Buttercup hates him with a passion. Buttercup thinks that Mr. Bean is a dork and doesn't want him around her.



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