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A topic on oil breather hose
A topic on Shock options
A topic on fuel filter
A topic on Quat-D muffler
A topic on cylinder head guards
A topic on rear bearing spacer
A list of some commonly replaced bearings

How to set TPS and Balance Throttle Bodies
Fuel Injected Motorcycle FAQ
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Pyro Dan's Website previously sold Bosch Relay part number 0 332 207 307 but now sells higher amp rated relay from GEI to replace stock siemens v23073 relays on V11 Guzzis.
Motratech Sells high quality American made Omron relays for V11 Guzzi, as well as oil pressure gauge kit, and more comfortable foot peg kit.
A topic on front brake switch
A topic on battery replacement
ECU Protection How to install a diode to protect your ECU.
Note: this modification is not as important for the V11 sixspeeds as it was for older Guzzis.
Click here to order a TVS diode. Do a search for 5kp15a
Carl Allison's V1100 Sport page. Much of the information at Carl Allison's Sportissimo Page is applicable to the V11S. And he has wiring schematics for many Guzzis

How to take a load off your wiring, ignition switch and relays by relaying the power to the headlight more directly from the battery. Original Diagram by Gary Cheek. 
Click here to see my colorized version of his diagram

Here are my before and after shots from re-wiring the headlights with relays using Gary Cheeks diagram and assistance:

Six Speed Sites
German V11S site to view this site you may wish to use a free online translator such as altavista for this site.
Jaap's V11 LeMans site I wish my site looked so good!

V11S Dyno Results Read Doug Lofgren's dyno results before buying ECU modifiers, mufflers, crossovers and air filters.

Agostini spare parts dealer in Italy. Sometimes this site does not load...
Sonny Angel Motorcycles My Guzzi Dealer in San Diego
Moto Guzzi Classics


Air Filters

Air Filters Airbox Replacements:

1. K&N - Old #MG-1093, New # 33-2682 (Automotive application that fits perfectly)

2. Amsoil Products 2 stage foam # S1938

3. BMC 164/01 The current FBF number for the BMC filter is F33705 $49.95US The airbox kit with filter is F45700 $79.95 The airbox kit, without filter(for those who already have a BMC or want paper or K&N) F45701 $32.95 The dimensions for the BMC filter are 134 x 224mm

Apparently the original filter crosses w/ Fiat part number "Fiat 4434868" so, you may be able to find other matches. Seperate Filters for those eliminating the airbox.



For those keeping and modifying the intake tubes from between the airbox and the throttle bodies a 2-1/4 inch filter works well:


K&N RU-0600 round, non-tapered, straight flange flange: 2-1/4" (57mm) width: 3-1/2" (89mm) length: 4" (102mm)


For those connecting directly to the throttle bodies measure the outer diameter of the throttle body to match a K and N filter. click here for K&N Universal filters


Fuel Filters

NAPA gold FIL3023 Is known to work.

Any filter that cross references a Nissan Pathfinder will probably work.



Oil Filters

The OEM filter is the UFI 2328700


Fram PH3614 will fit but construction is questioable.


WalMart sells the SuperTech ST3614 for around $3-$4 (vs $15 for the Guzzi UFI filter). This filter is made by Champion labs, is better constructed than a Fram, and has a 94% multiple pass efficiency rating. Just be sure to clean it and remove the decal on the filter before you install it.

(Tip from Tracy Martin, off of the site)

Some more expensive options are Amsoil EAOM132 and K&N KN-163


My current first choice, due to a good gasket design and other excellent ratings, is the Purolator L10241



Valve Clearance


Every one has a different opinion about this.


Clearance specs (I think this is the US spec): intake: 0.002" (0.05mm), exhaust: 0.004" (0.10mm)


Clearance specs (rest of world, but also what appears in the owners manual): intake: 0.004" (0.10mm), exhaust 0.006" (0.15mm)


I like mine set to 0.006"(0.15mm) intake and 0.008"(0.20mm) exhaust.


RaceCo recommends 0.008"(0.20mm) intake and 0.010"(0.25mm) exhaust


The head should be torqued to 40 N.M, or 29.5 foot.pounds.



Fluid Capacities and Conversions

3.5 liters of 20W/50 engine oil = 3.7 US quarts = 3.08 imperial quarts

0.85 liters of SAE W/90 tranmission oil = 0.90 US quarts = 0.75 imperial quarts

0.37 liters of a mix of 80W/90 and moly additive = 0.39 US quarts = 0.33 imperial quarts

0.4 liters of SAE 10 fork oil for each fork leg = 0.4227 US quarts = 0.352 imperial quarts


Battery Options


Westco 12V13L
Yuasa YTZ12-S 
Hawker Odyssey PC545  This is my choice. I also recommend getting an Odyssey Optimiser battery charger, if still available.


Muffler Options

Mistral aluminum, carbon round, carbon oval, titanium,

staintune ss

m4 aluminum, carbon Also available at and

fbf titanium or carbon http://www.ferracci.comThey also make a crossover

Raceco titanium

Leo Vince's aluminum, titanium or carbon used to be available, but I don't see Guzzi listed there anymore.

Quat-D Muffler available from Ghezzi-Brian. I bought one of these and loved it The midrange improved but I lost a little top end. It made the bike more fun to drive and handle better because of its under transmission position. But I wanted more top end power so I traded for Mistrals. I am not sure it was a good idea to trade, oh well. for more on this muffler: UPDATE Quat-D came out with a new model that is more promising.

Gianelli ???

maxtreme ???

D&D ???

Bub ???



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