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Rainbow Brite is one of my favorite childhood cartoons.
Bringing memories of good times with my sister, Janelle. =)

Rainbow Brite & Friends

Come and meet me as *Twink* at ICQ# 44391171.

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Please visit my page dedicated to a great woman in history -

Amelia Earhart!

TY Beanie Babies- If you collect Beanie Babies, you'll love this site!! Find out about my Beanie Babies below.

Christmas Bells- The way to our family web pages!! If you enjoy the spirit of Christmas year round, you just have to go visit my family's Christmas web pages!! They are so much fun!! The bells will take you there.

Click on the flower to see a picture of me and my sister See a picture of me & my sister

My long time dream to be an actress is one of my current activities. I am taking classes in scene study and improvisation. These classes are so much fun! I now have my official headshots, and have set up a web page to promote me. It's called "Sarah - Stepping out into Entertainment". I would love for you take a look and then leave me a note or send me an email of what you think. I have been sending out my headshot and acting resume to talent agents, and hope to get work doing commercials, print, acting, and/or theater. There are so many talented people out there. Wish me luck.

I was training in Lima Lama Martial Arts, and did pretty well at it. Unfortunately, my limited time has forced me to give it up. My trainer was Paul Reyes. I tookW Hawaiian dance lessons and performed on stage. It was alot of fun and a great experience! I taught myself to play a little bit on the piano, and have played violin in my school orchestra, and also took private lessons.

In my spare time, I like to read books and watch my favorite programs - Buffy, Angel, Dawson's Creek, and Roswell.

Some things I did in Middle School: I was on Cheer, I played leading roles in a few school plays, and was a peer mediator (You know, someone who gets to help other students work out their problems.) I really love to act! It has been my life long dream to become a famous actress and make millions(making millions is optional.) If I don't become an actress I would like to have a job where I deal with people. I have more friends than I know what to do with. Some of my best friends are Vanessa, Suzie, and Jenny. If you would like to meet through the World Wide Web, then E-mail me.

In August of 1997, I was selected as a Distinguished Youth of California(this is where I met Gina). During the very exciting 3 day weekend, I participated in the optional event Sportswear. I received a first place trophy modeling my New Hope Gymnastics team uniform. I was so nervous and I never thought I would win. I had no clue what to do so I just went out there and strutted my stuff keeping a smile on my face the whole time( the judges couldn't resist my cute little face)J/K.;)

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Visit my Gymnastics Page
Challenge Yourself with a Game - This page will be updated to reflect games more appropriate for teens soon. Right now it is a reflection of my younger days. Email me with any good links you might have.
My Beanie Babies - Okay, this might seem juvenile, but I do have a collection, and they are listed here.

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(Written by me based on The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe)

He is big, He is strong,
He is rarely ever wrong.
He likes to help people whenever he can.
Every single person in Narnia is his biggest fan.
He can be known as king of the land,
Or he can be known as Aslan.

A ll knowing

S pecial

L ikely opponent for the White Witch

A gentle giant

N arnian protector

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Garfield & Odie
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