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Sarah - 1996

After 6 years of training and competing, I decided to leave gymnastics to pursue some others interests. I left as a Level 6 gymnast having trained at New Hope Academy in Fountain Valley, California for all of the 6 years. I would recommend this gym to anyone in driving distance. My great coaches, Bee Thoma (Head Coach)- bars, Dorian Varilone (recently retired)- beam and floor, and Rod Rodriguez- vault, helped me place at almost every meet in which I've competed. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to excel in gymnastics. But all that hard work didn't keep me and my friends from having fun while we were working out. Some of my team mates were Nikki Yacono, Kaleena Johnson, Christina Hawkins, Christi Smith, and Jordan Bryan.

I have been on my high school Dance Team, but am now training at the Clifton Dance Project dance studio. I also enjoy participating in theater arts, and have already been in several plays, and I love it! One of my aspirations is to be an actress, and maybe even a model.

My long time dream to be an actress is one of my current activities. I am taking classes in scene study and improvisation. These classes are so much fun! I now have my official headshots, and have set up a web page to promote me. It's called "Sarah - Stepping out into Entertainment". I would love for you take a look and then leave me a note or send me an email of what you think. I have been sending out my headshot and acting resume to talent agents, and hope to get work doing commercials, print, acting, and/or theater. There are so many talented people out there. Wish me luck.

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