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Sarah - 2001 News - In 8/2002 I finished work on a short independent digital video film. Thanks to the producer/director, Jennifer Soemantri, for casting me as "Bubbles" and the cashier in this film! It was wonderful to work with such a great cast & crew.
I had the opportunity to participate in a stage production in the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, CA in Feb. 2002. I played "Molly" the Hotel Maid. We were the entertainment part of the "ALIS" - Americas Lodging Investment Summit convention. It was a lot of fun and a great experience. Thanks to Ramsey Schlissel for selecting me to be part of the cast!
I continue to achieve my dream of becoming an actress or just be a part of the entertainment world. It's so exciting! I have taken classes in scene study and improvisation, and currently taking cold reading techniques. I'm going on lots of auditions and actively looking for a theatrical agent. There's so much to learn, and I can't wait to apply what I'm learning.

You can see my headshot portfolio here.
Please check back soon to learn more about me and my exciting adventure into entertainment.

My Acting Resume
"Cover Girl" fka "Shopping Cart Bandit" - Short independent DV film- Role: "Bubbles" and cashier
"ALIS" - Americas Lodging Investment Summit, Kodak Theater - Role: "Molly" the Hotel Maid
“Murder Most Fowl” - Role: Lead as Queenetta Pruitt
“It’s Bigfoot” - Role: Lead as Penny, additional role as Ruby
“Dracula in Paradise” - Role: Principal as Samantha
“Channel Surfing” - Role: Lead as Justine
Country dancing - Trained by Mr. Paul Reyes and other instructors.
Hawaiian dance and technique.
Fountain Valley High School Dance Team- jazz style.
Clifton Dance Project- Classes in jazz, tap, and ballet.
New Hope Academy of Gymnastics- Finished at level six competition and selected for state competition.
Private violin instruction by Mr. Ed Persi
Arrowbear Music Camp- Vocal music training.
John Robert Powers- Four year Elite program with training in all areas.
Trained in Lima Lama martial arts by Mr. Paul Reyes.
Distinguished Youth of California Little Miss Competition- Won Little Miss Sportswear.
Participated in Northcutt Elementary Chorus- was selected to sing with The Harborlites Chorus in 1995.
Hawai’i Pono’i- Danced in the Na Kamali’i using the Pu’ili bamboo sticks.
Masuda Middle School Track (seasonal)
Masuda Middle School Orchestra- Played violin. Privately instructed by Ed Persi.
Masuda Middle School Cheer Leading
Masuda Middle School 8th Grade Promotion- Gave speech.
Fountain Valley High School- Fall choir production, “Yule Cheer”, “A Choral Odyssey”, and “Curtain Call”.
Kiwins Club – Community service activities - includes cooking meals for the Ronald McDonald House families.

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