Our Tradition Master Huiracocha, Master Pedro Aaron Rey & Master Gargha Kuichines

Master Pedro Aaron Rey from our tradition, talking about our Gnostic Tradition said and wrote in his book the Christic Comments of Saint John: "So that the Souls that wants to continue in the evil path and prefer to continue being exploited, do not follow the knowledge on this book". Comments: Intellectual confusion as a result of several contradictory belief and lack of practical life work.

"For there is not worse deaf than the one that does not want to hear; nor worse blind that the one that does not want to see. However, if you had become aware that the Eternal Father, had sent you his messenger to straighten your path".

Comments: Gnosis is a practical path, neither an intellectual nor a path of base on belief. In Gnosis the objective is to made the GNOSIS flesh here and now.


Frater H de O