I AM the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through Me. JHShVH.

We are an Initiatic School based on the Ancient and Modern Mystic CHRISTIC Gnostic’s Thought, Current, Training and Work. The objective of our Lodge is to lead our members to a state of Self-Gnosis, through the different Initiatic States of Consciousness, as well as Magical, Theurgical and Spiritual Levels of Development.
Traditional we drink from Four Initiatic Currents: Rosicrucians, Gnosticisms, Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Misraim and Martinis. In the Gnostic Lineage we share two Gnostic Main streams:
1- Rosicrucian Currents, Teachings and Works of Master Huiracocha, Arnold Krumm-Heller from the Gnostic Rosicrucian German Tradition, Summun Supremun Sancturium of Berlin.
Our Second Gnostic Stream base in the Teaching, Practices, Works and the Lineages of Master Gargha Kuichines, Mr. Julio Medina Vizcaino.
2- Memphis and Misraim Lineages comes from the USA/France.
3-Martinism: in Australia our Russian Martinism, was developed by Teachings and Lineage of +Bishop Elias Ibrahim, we continued his traditions.  We are now affiliated to the A.M.O. of the USA
4- Our Gnostic Church we posses Apostolic Lineages. We are an active Church we do Weekly Services for Our Rosacrucian and Martinist Initiates and Once a month a public service with the Bricaud's Liturgy
In Australia our Work is base in the three main traditions Rosacrucianism, Martinism and Gnostic Church. As a Gnostic Church we aim for the spiritual health and well being for our community through our Gnostic Sacraments and Ceremonies. In the Martinism, we share for our members guides for their own spiritual awareness & for our self understanding. In our Rosacrucianism we cooperate in our spiritual development,  by the Traditional Initiatic Theory, Training, Practices, Rituals and Initiations.
The main objective as a Gnostic Church of the FRA is the Enlightenment of the human being, to bring a higher more spiritual tolerance to Society in general. Our highest aspiration and objective as in all true Gnostics is the Christification of the human being.
Our central force is the Inner and Cosmic Christ, our central work is self-knowlege, our aim spiritual illumination
Our position F.R.A., AGLA in Perth  and the FUDOFSI:
Frater Servidor H de O,
Perth, Western Australia