Gnosis an Esoteric School

I would like to use our Gnostic Views to discuss the Ideas of Exoteric, Mesoteric and Esoteric as presented in the book "In Search of the Miraculous" Chp 15,310,311 & 314. He wrote: "So that we can imagine the whole of humanity, known as well as unknown to us, as consisting so to speak of several concentric circles". "the Inner circle is called Esoteric; this circle consist of people who have attained the highest development possible for man, each one of whom possesses and individuality in the fullest degree, that is to say, an Indivisible 'I', all forms of consciousness possible for man, full control over these states of consciousness, the whole of the knowledge possible for man, and a free an Independent Will. They can not perform actions opposed to their understanding, or have an understanding that is not expressed by this actions. At the same time there can be no discords among them, no difference of understanding. therefore, their activity is entirely coordinated and leads to one common aim without any kind of compulsion because is based upon and identical understanding."

Comment: it gives new prospective to the phrase "divided house against itself is". True White Lodge of the Inner Worlds of Pleroma

He continues "the next circle is called 'mesoteric', that is to say the middle. People who belong to this circle posses all the qualities possessed by the members of the esoteric circle with the sole difference that their knowledge is of a more theoretical character." "One understand what they all understand and all understand the way one understand"

"they know and understand many things which had not yet found expression on their actions. they know more that they do"

Comment: again here suggestion of the Gnostic View of Achievement or/and Attainment is clear discussed. that is why in Gnosis the emphasis is in "doing", Praxis, not theories or intentions.

he continues: "the third circle is called 'exoteric' the is, the outer, because it is the outer circle of the Inner Part of Humanity. The people who belong to this circle posses much of that which belong to the esoteric and mesoteric circle, but their cosmic knowledge is of a more philosophical character, that is to say, it is more abstract of that of the mesoteric circle. A member of the mesoteric circle calculates, a member of the exoteric circle contemplates. Their understanding may not be expressing in actions. But there can not be differences in understanding between them".

Comment: here again the clearly view of a more theoretical knowledge, in them, with understanding but still struggling to master ourselves.

He continues: "the Outer Circle is the "circle of the Mechanical Humanity to which we belong and which alone we know. The first sign of this circle is that among people who belong to it there is not and can not be a common understanding. Everybody understand it own way and all differently. This circle is sometimes called the circle of the 'confusion of the tongues', that is, the circle in which each of us speak it own particular language, where no one understands another, and takes no trouble to be understood". "If people belong to this circle become conscious of the general lack of understanding and acquire a desire to understand and to be understood, then it means that they have an unconscious tendency towards the inner circle because mutual understanding begins only in th exoteric circle and is possible only there. But the consciousness of the lack of understanding usually comes to people in altogether different forms."

Comments: In this outer circle we suffer from the lack of understanding of people towards us and at the same time we are unable to understand others. If only we truly and fully understand the "Do unto others as you would like to be done unto you". If only we could really and fully practices this.

It is painful that after so many years in groups, associations, lodges, few of us and more painful few "gnostic students" have reach the understanding that we need to work with our inner psychological being, with self-gnosis, with self-transformation to be able to really reach initiation. Most of our brother still looking for the "key", the word, the secret, or the "person" that will take them to initiation. I pray for enlightenment for all of us.


Frater H de O