Word on Initiation by M.'. Huiracocha

Extracts from the compilation of M.`. Huiracocha, the book of Frater Aquarius “teaching of the Rosicrucian”. Comments by Frater H de O: “All aspirants to initiation must be able to understand the ancient initiation to be able to understand the modern initiation. “ “All the ancient mysteries where symbols of some future happening”

Comments: the initiation is, was and had been the same, because the path is the same, the “external forms” may be different but the inner work, the understanding, what is received in every initiation, the inner teachings and what the initiate had to create inside themselves, is, was and will be the same”.

Continue: “to comprehend the truth, we have to study the ancient symbols, which are the straight path towards the wisdom”.

Comment: the Rosicrucian initiates said that there is only one truth, the highest the Father of all Paternities. However, we all have our own truth according to our level of being, our level of comprehension. Our truth changes as we transform. We maintain too, that all the initiates and master share the same truth because they share the one truth. As we self-transform we change our truth make in it closer to the “one”. As our Ego false’s truths die in ourselves, So that Divinity WILL is done in us and we are able to incarnate the Universal truth, our lost Word, Our Inner Christ, the Verb.

He continues: “the Egyptian used to practice Initiation on the Great Pyramid. This marvellous monument had never been a tomb for the pharaohs, as they pretend to demonstrate nowadays. The great pyramid is a faithful copy of the human body and we can add that maybe symbolical is the tomb of the Intimate God, that is found in the human being. So that man comeback to the unity with their Intimate God, must search for initiation in their inner world, as in the ancient times, the aspirant just to penetrate in the great pyramid for the initiation.”

Comments: tradition affirm that the pyramids not only Egyptian but Mayas too, were used by ancient initiates for ceremonial purposes. According to our Gnostic-Rosicrucian Inner Teachings. Before their degeneration and lost of the true path.

The ancient death symbols; were the symbols used as reminder of the core of true initiation. The path of Self-transformation, the death of our “ego”, the death of the red demons of Seth. Universal Gnosis teaches that man is not an individual but multiple, legion, or fragmented being. The final goal for initiation is to achieve that Individualization, that Unity with our Father who is in Secret. Initiation or In-itare to go inside, is the path, our road is called “self understanding”.

He continues: “initiation is the effort that the human being performs to re-ingress inside themselves, to go inside ourselves. In search of the eternal truth that had never come out to the light, to the external world. Initiation is equivalent to religion. Religion means re-ligare to tie again. Is the coming back of the prodigal son to the bosom of the Father, after his errs, suffering for a long time, misery and hunger in the material world.”

Comments: True initiations is attained inside. We have to use our pyramid or church body for the worship of our own Divine I AM. Inside ourselves, our Divinity has deposit all the elements that we need for our initiation. Religion is the means to become one with our own Divine Presence I AM. The creation of the Inner Master, The Inner Christ.

We have been suffering, struggling, fighting, defending ourselves, positions, money, status & family in this material world. All of which we can not truly posses, we can not make it part of us, (only psychological/emotional crutches, but not really part of us) this what we struggle for, lies outside ourselves and are societal and temporal values. Can we really integrate that which we suffer and struggle so much to ourselves? Can we take it with us when we depart? Can we really posses it ?

Only our Inner Creation can we take with us, this will be our companion after our depart. It will be that inner creation, or the lack of it; what will dictate our future. We all sense that we are empty, that we lack of something, my suggestion is look for it inside ourselves, and do not scape or repress our awareness of emptiness with drugs, relationships, addictions, ties, etc, etc, etc. Dear Frater or Soror look for its cause inside yourselves.

Regarding Initiation Master Huiracocha and our Gnostic Rosicrucian Tradition share the same views as M. G. who said in his book Search of the Miraculous, Chp 15, page. 314-315, "the Idea of Initiation, which reaches us through pseudo-esoteric systems, is also transmitted to us in a complete wrong form. The Legends concerning the outward rites of Initiation had been created out of the scraps of information we posses, in regards to the Ancient Mysteries. The Mysteries represent a special kind of way in which, side by side with a difficult and prolonged period of study, theatrical representations of a special kind were given which depicted n allegorical forms the whole path of the evolution of man and the world.

Transition of one level of being to another were marked by ceremonies of presentation of a special kind, that is, Initiation. But a change of being can not be brought about by any rites. Rites can only mark an accomplish transition. And it is only in pseudo-esoteric systems, in which there is nothing else but these rites, that they begin to attribute to this rites independent meaning. It is suppose than a rite, in being transformed into a sacrament, transmit or communicates certain forces to the initiate. This relates to the psychology to an Imitation way. There is not, nor there can be, any outward initiation."

Comments: Gnostic look at Initiation's rites in the same way; as "marks" of accomplishment. As marks of our "spiritual growth", marks of our inner achievements. The forces of the initiation are the "result" of the "attainment" of the initiate, those are the forces brought about by or better said, made manifest by the rite. The new level of consciousness.

"Inner growth, a change of being, depends entirely upon the work that a man must do on himself.

Comments: Gnostic know very well that nobody can work for us, therefore, initiation depends entirely upon our self-transformation and Inner Knowledge and Inner Self-Understanding. Spiritual development depends exclusively on our work. How higher we want to achieve in our spiritual work, is limited only for the amount, and type and/or state of consciousness of our inner. work.

Comments by Frater H de O