False Ideas about Ourselves

Dear companions

this email has been motivated because had noticed, that some people have the false believes that initiates had an easy life with full control and furthermore some people believe that such "imaginary" or projected control is a measure of spiritual advancement. that is not so. they wrongly believe that the path of initiation is like fantasy island, where all our desires would be fulfill.
We suggested the following points: i) we all want to project an image towards other people and ourselves that we have control. this imaginary control expresses as success outside ourselves and give us confidence and self-esteem inside ourselves .
i) Master Samael Aun Weor said: "Evidently our attitude towards daily life is fundamentally wrong and we believe that everything must go well for us, just for the sake of it, we are going to be disappointed. People wants things to go well just for the sake of it, because everything must go according to their plans. Harsh reality is different however. whether we like it or not, as long as we don't change within , we are always victims of the circumstances.
ii) Master Samael Aun Weor said: "We are mechanical creatures" I suggest that this help to create the false image of control the fact of our predict life, the fact that we plan our lives, the fact that we organize our lives. if plans are not achieve well "is not our fault" we always said!!! we forget to look inside for answer to walk in the path of initiation means to have the aspiration to reach mastery. to reach mastery we have first to master ourselves, and then our lives.
iii) Master Samael Aun Weor said: " Certainly in everyday of our existence there is repetition of events, states, words, desires, fears, thoughts, way of thinking, way of viewing things, etc."
iv) Master Guidjiefff continue: "we have only a limited amount of "roles" to play within our personality. only 5 or 6"
i propose that : when we are in these imaginary roles, allow us the fantasy that we have mastery over our life; but on the contrary the life of "real" initiates is very challenging; the main reason is for the initiates comes out of the "roles assigned" by the personality and society (come out of our "safety zone"). to be able to work on areas of themselves, that are outside the roles . this knowledge doesn't have to be accepted, but "PROVE" it for yourselves!!!!
the conditions: one of the reason why we don't want to change our lives, if that we don't want to change the fantasy over the control over that we have over our life. specially if life is good, in another words is life is good if life is going according to what we want. or even if we have hard life but as long as we know what to except, that is ok we say!!!
second condition is that nothing really new can be born our of our mechanical lives, for something to be new something has to die within our selves. nothing really new can be brought to us in our circumstances.
third condition: we are terrified of changing our lives, we are terrified specially of "loosing control" of our lives. all this being pure fantasy when we consider we don't know anything about our lives. when are we going to die? what are we? what have we done spiritually? what is ours and what have been acquired? etc etc etc.
summarizing: life of real initiates is a continuous challenge, that allow continue growth through self-observation, self analysis and finally self transformation. our control is a fantasy, is to be precise: an I (i) derived from our self-importance, that derives from pride. if we want to change, to become real initiates we must start here and now with self-observation. how are we going to change what we ignore? Gnosis provides us with understanding in our lives, that takes us in the path of happiness.
Master Samael Aun Weor said: 'we don not deny the fact that each of us have the right to real happiness of the spirit. but it is also true that happiness will be more than impossible if we don't work upon ourselves."
in the big capitals of the world there is always homeless people begging for food, must of us choose to ignore that, and we consider that as the ugliness of western civilization. we cant act the same inside ourselves, avoiding to self observing what is not nice or according to our image or according to the idea of ourselves, or our plans.


Fr. H de O