Our Beloved Ego

From Chapter 11, Revolutionary Psychology from Master Samael Aun Weor

As Superior and Inferior are two sections of the same thing, it is worth establishing that, as a natural consequence of this, the "HIGHER SELF" and the "LOWER SELF" are two aspects of the same sinister and pluralize Ego.

The so-called Divine Self or "Higher Self", or Alter Ego or something along this lines, is certainly a trick of the MySelf; a way of self deceit.

When the EGO wants to continue here and in the after life, it deceives itself by a false concept of a Divine Immortal Self. ..

Not One of us, has a Self that is true, permanent, immutable, everlasting, ineffable, etc

in truth, no-one has a real and genuine Unity of Being; unfortunately we don't even posses a legitimate individuality.

Although the Ego continues beyond the grave, it does however, has a beginning and an End.

The Ego, the Self, is never something individual, unitary, uni-total, The Ego is obviously the SELVES.

In the Oriental Tibet, this Selves are called: "PSYCHIC ADJUNCTS" or simple VALUES, be it positive or negative.

If we think of every self as a different person, then we can emphatically state the following: "WITHING EACH PERSON WHO LIVES IN THE WORLD, THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE".

Unquestionably, very many people live within each of us, some better, some worse. . . .

Each of these selves, each of this people, struggle for supremacy, they wan to be exclusive and to control the intellectual centre, or the emotional centre, and motor centres, whenever possible, until another displaces it. ....

The Doctrine of the Many Selves was taught by the "true" clairvoyance, by the "authentic" Illuminati in the Oriental Tibet. ...

Each of our Psychological Defects is personified by this or that self. As we have thousands and even millions of defects, many people evidently live within us.

In question of (gnostic ) Psychology we have been able to prove clearly people who are paranoid, self-worshipping and mythomaniacs, would never give up their cult to their beloved Ego.

Unquestionably, such people mortally hate the doctrine of the many selves.

When we truly want to know ourselves, we must observe ourselves, and try to know the different Selves, which are within our personality.

If any of our readers, still do not understand the doctrine of the many Selves, it is solely due to lack of practice in matters of self-observation.

As we practice Inner Self-Observation, we gradually discover for Ourselves many people, many Selves, who live within our personality.

Those who deny the Doctrine of the Many Selves, who want to worship the Divine Self, have undoubtedly never seriously observe themselves. Now, talking in Socratic Style, we would say that "not only those people know not, but they know not that they know not".

Certainly, we can never know ourselves without serious and profound Self-Observation.

As long as someone carries on considering himself as one, it is clearly that the Inner Change would be more than impossible