The Ego



Blessings of Christ be upon you

In our Rosacrucian School we identify "Our Ego" with our Divine Presence I AM THAT I AM and the body as it's Temple,  as seen in John 2:21 but he was talking about his temple body.

One of the First Prayers that we learn is to Our Ego, the Divine Presence of God within.

It is important to understand why, when we identify Our Ego with Divinity, we are centering our "atention, our conciousness" in that Divinity, we are saying I AM your Child and this body is your Temple.

Also on the Other hand it is important to identify ourselves with that which is our Goal, that which is the Objective of the Rosacrucian Path, our Identity as Rosacrucian Student, therefore lies in our Divinity, not in our Personality

Futhermore uniting our "rosacrucian identity" to our Divinity help us to expand our conciousness from us to Divinity. Master Huiracocha said that we have been called to be "Kings/Queens and Priest/Priestesses" on Earth. Kings or Master of our Own Universe, where the King and Master is Our inner Christ and we have our Will and Attention set on him. Priest to share our work-experience/ritual and teachings with those who want to walk with us in the Path of Light

Finally i can add that the "alchemical" or self transformation method in the FRA or in the Rosacrucian Path is one of "empowering" where we assume and act as if we have control over our "insticts", e.g. mind, emotions, etc and work for our self transfomation from a position of "I CAN" change, working togehter with my I AM with my attention and conciousness firmly base on my Divinity


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+Frater Servidor Hermes de Orion

Gnostic Bishop