1.  Gave Bart $5 to kiss him {sj}

2.  leaving the keys in the front door. {rjc}

3.  Shoving a handful of bees and honey into his mouth

4.  takes Lisa to Moe's' Tavern

5.  takes a pony home in his car {ddg}

6.  smoking a cigar while welding next to a leaky can of gasoline

7.  trying to unjam the toaster with a knife {rjc}

8.  his near-aneurysm {rjc}

9.  makes home-made football {sg}

10. home-made baseball bat.  (Which works! despite the nails.) {rjc}

11. sheltering himself with a piece of metal and taking cover under the tallest tree he could find during a
thunderstorm {rjc}

12. asks Bart to stick his hand under lawn mower, then starts it {rd}

13. his morning while his family's at Church

14. recovering expired medicine from the Winfield's trash. {rjc}

15. buys the snow plow by being cajoled into it {jac}

16. locking his keys in the Monorail {sj}

17. rummages through the Flanders' trash.  Finds a toothbrush and actually using it

18. trying to remove a Sugar Daddy stuck to the back of his shirt {tf}

19. getting a plunger stuck to his head

20. gets coat hangers stuck in his shirt and pants {jac}

21. paints frowny face on butt, mocks Mr. Burns {jac}

22. causes meltdown of nuclear inspectors' test vehicle {jac}

23. steals cinder blocks from construction site to build bookshelves, deprives children of a hospital {jac}

24. burns high school diploma (and house) when admitted to college {rd}

25. steals Sir Oinksalot, makes him drink malt liquor {jac}

26. runs out of college entrance interview to chase squirrel {rd}

27. has both arms stuck in vending machines, only because he wont let go of the soft drink & candy {rd}

28. smashes weather station in flashback {jac}

29. kisses landfill heap repeatedly {jac}

30. sells soul for donut {jac}

31. drinks blood just because it's free {jac}

32. doesn't believe Lisa when she says Bart's a vampire {jac}

33. slips on peanut, loses $20 bill {jac}

34. makes fun of Bart's Junior Camper enrollment {jac}

35. runs into Bart's pie trap -- twice {jac}

36. loses Ned's map {jac}

37. takes paddles from Ned et al., makes raft drift out to sea {jac}

38. throws Todd's walkman into the water {jac}

39. wastes fresh water on dirty socks {jac}

40. blows rescue plane away with flare gun {jac}

41. slaps Flanders many more times than necessary {jac}

42. steals Borgnine's knife, burns hole in raft with it {jac}

43. steals pens from work, but they leak on the back seat {jac}

44. Fixes Marge's clock with drill {rd}

45. trying to teach Maggie how to gamble

46. rolls on the floor, trying to read what Bart wrote on the back of his head {rd}

47. wearing glasses with eyeballs painted on them so he can sleep without being noticed {ddg}

48. sews tweed patches on leather jacket, wrecks both jackets. {jac}

49. Steals Gummi Venus De Milo {rd}

50. uses secret parchment to wipe his mouth and hands

51. tries to attract more people to Barney's Bowl-A-Rama by shooting off shotgun

52. threatens the Australian Parliament with ``The Boot''.


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