The Song of the Lioness - Tamora Pierce's first Quartet
for the novels of
Tamora Pierce
Tammy Pierce is among the best known fantasy writers for young girls.  Her stories feature heroines who conquer amazing foes, overcome great challenges, and triumph in the face of adversity.
She is a writer who creates exquisite role-models, and features characters from many walks of life.  She reaches out to her fandom and reminds us that "Girls Rule!"

This fanfiction is written with her personal consent and encouragement. 
Falling Into Place
This story focuses on Alanna's identity-revelation to Gary during the summer before her Ordeal.  But it's from Gary's perspective...

Swan Song*
This is an account of Kalasin's decision to commit suicide - when she sends Thayet and Buri out of Racchia so she can sing her deathchant.  The parting of mothers and daughters.

A look at King Roald, right before his death, and the situation that led to his apparent suicide.

Wielding Power*
A look into Jonathan's mind as he's stepping into power and finding his footing as the king-to-be. 

The Progress Report*
We know that there is bad blood between Duke Gareth and Lord Alan, but we know only Gareth's side of the relationship.  Why do they not like each other?  And how did Lord Alan react upon reading a certain progress report sent from the palace?

A Mother's Love*
There was a challenge for fluffy villians... and I decided to get inside Roger's head for a brief moment.  This shows earlier days in Roger's life, when Jonathan was just born.  How did a sweet boy become a twisted villian?

This is a 100-word challenge from TDD's LeaThing to portray an example of platonic friendship.  I chose to focus on the friendship between Raoul and Francis of Nond.

Gifts of Warmth
A Christmas gift for Slone of Snow Mt., who requested a story about Alanna and Jon, with no mention of George. A difficult challenge, but I think it was a success.  Set during In the Hand of the Goddess.

Before becoming the Queen of Tortall, Thayet wants to study the greatest threat to her future husband and family.  She goes against Jonathan's will to visit Delia of Eldorne in the tower prison.

Restoration +
An account of Duke Roger's resurrection, as seen through the eyes of Delia of Eldorne. (contains slashy material)

This is a 100 word drabble about Douglass and Sacherell, full of double entendres for the incredible D/S author, Seori.

Perchance to Dream
Thayet explores love and how it's always been seen in her life.  This drabble was written for Seori and Wottie.
A Time of Confidences
Kel and Neal have a conversation after her Ordeal, trying to figure out what happened to their close-knit friendship during her years with the King's Own.

Welcome to Knight Club*
The challenge was to write about an Ordeal... I thought of the rules ("you do not talk about the Ordeal") and Fight Club came to mind.  So this is based upon the rules of Fight Club.

Midwinter Luck
A year or so after the Scanran War, Kel returns to the palace for Midwinter.  But Cleon and his wife are there, and Kel wants to make sure his life is a happy one.

The Knight's Return*
A bit of fluff, to be honest.  Kel is returning from her knightly duties for the Realm.  But the best thing about homecomings are the people who are waiting for you.

Cavall's Heart: Love
This is part of a larger arc dealing with Lord Wyldon and his squire.  In this chapter, the two discuss matters of the heart before Owen has his Ordeal.

Cavall's Heart: Daughters and Sons
Another part of the larger arc - Wyldon and Owen both get to experience the joys and pains of fatherhood.

Alanna worries about her kidnapped daughter, and deals with her anger about George keeping things from her.  She finds solace in the most unlikely of souls.

Sometimes a relationship isn't what's wanted.  Or needed.

The Very Secret Diary of Wyldon of Cavall
A tribute to Helen Fielding and CassandraClaire, this is Wyldon's Very Secret Diary, kept during

The Very Secret Diary of Jump
A tribute to Helen Fielding and CassandraClaire, this is the very secret diary kept by Jump during

So Mote it Be
Raoul's reluctance to settle down is rooted somewhere.  Perhaps in his love for Lady Cythera of Elden, or perhaps in his love for Sir Gareth of Naxen.  But what does he do when they marry one another?

Slaying Dragons+
Yuki and Kel share a quiet moment in the emperor's palace, and Kel discovers what she wants out of her life.

Upon his death one Midwinter, Lord Wyldon finds himself in the Black God's realm with the most unlikely of companions.

Neal finds himself in the most difficult position a healer can be in - in a war hospital with a stubborn patient.

5 Things That Never Happened to Wyldon of Cavall
Going with the popular vein of fanfiction - these are five moments that might've changed Wyldon's life, had he done things differently.

Untitled Owen Drabble
This one was written for Akai, the biggest Owen fan I know.  It's a glimpse of how others might see this happy boy.

The Squire Years
Begun before the book
Squire was released, this was my hypothetical answer to the rest of the series.  This work is unfinished, and I'm am not sure when (if ever) it will be complete.  There are eleven chapters thus far.
Live Kel. Love Kel.
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*asterisks*  denote fics that were written in response to the Dancing Dove's Seanfhocal Circle Challenges - theme fics between 100 and 800 words long.
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+ denotes stories that were written for The Dancing Dove's bi-annual SFF (Sick F--- Faction) fanfiction contest.

The content of these stories is a bit more questionable than others - not in graphicness, but in the "squick factor" of the romantic pairings.

They're actually not bad.  Just not exactly canonical.
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