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fiction inspired by various fandoms
Since 1998 I have enjoyed the online cult of fanfiction. I've embraced fiction dedicated to movies, books, musicals, and TV shows. This is an archive of my works for some of these genres.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

-- Q-sama
Gundam Wing Fanfiction
I tend to focus on Quatre Winner, and unlike a majority of the GW fandom, I write stories that feature both heterosexual and homosexual relationships, rather than keeping them separate.  While GW was not the first anime that made me want to write fiction, it was the fandom that first embraced me and made me comfortable enough to share my work.
Tamora Pierce - The Song of the Lioness & The Protector of the Small
Tammy has been one of my favorite authors since the late 1980s.  While I was in college, I came across several groups of fanfiction writers who also loved her books, and several stories jumped into my head.  (And for those who are teenage girls, or who know young girls--check out her books!)
This is probably one of my favorite anime series, but I've only written on piece for it.  In fact, my one work was a collaboration with my RL sister.  She has it hosted on her webpage, so I'm merely linking to her Trigun page.  "Many Hands Make Short Work" is the piece we wrote together,but please read her sweet ficlet titled "Rain," as well.  It's quite lovely.
Marmalade Boy
I've only written on piece for this particular fandom... As a slash fan, I decided to play around with some of the male characters in this female-driven cast.  This fic, "Transcendence" pairs Michael and Kei, shortly after episode 68, when Miki leaves Kei for Yuu. 
Harry Potter
After years of trying to avoid the online fandom, I got sucked in.  I stumbled across several forums, and suddenly became entrenched in debates and fanfiction and everything that goes with them.  I tend to avoid long, drawn out stories in the HP world, since the series is not finished.  So here are a couple of "one-shots."  I hope there will be more to come!
Master Quatre, created by AstroKender
Ranma 1/2
I've got a two-inch thick folder full of incomplete Ranma stories, but only one has ever made it through--and it was co-written with Ryoko/Angela, the RL sister. It's  "Hayanome Hime," a parody of the movie, The Princess Bride, and is written in script form. 
I've put together a few essays--random thoughts I've had while working on stories or reading books, etc., etc. and decided to present them to the world.  Some are familiar to you, if you've read my livejournal or discussed any of these topics on mailing lists with me.  Some are new (since I've never had a forum to discuss my love of musicals...).  I hope to include more, and I am hoping that people will allow me to host their essays, as well.  Be aware that some of the essays are not yet linked.
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