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A listing of pet adoption agencies in the Missouri / Illinois area.


The purpose of this site is to inform people in the MO/IL area about pet adoption, the benefits of adopting animals, how to adopt animals, and how to be a responsible pet owner. It will hopefully help the community know more about pet adoption, help decrease the numbers of homeless and euthanized animals, and educate people about being a responsible pet owner.


"Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things,
man will not himself find peace."
~ Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Take it from these Guys -- ADOPT!


Rockin' Ray and his band of frisbee catching dogs travel all around the country performing their frisbee skills and many other talents at Sports Events. Ray has adopted all of his five dogs from shelters, and truely supports adoption. All his dogs are mixes. These "pound pals" jump rope, do flips in the air, catch long distance frisbees, and more. They even have a "BATDOG" at baseball games. So do what Ray does and find a best friend at a nearby shelter. You may be suprised what you can find.

For information on Skyy Dogs USA, and Ray's cause, go to theSkyy Dogs Homepage.

Have fun and support adoption.

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