Prayer of The Day Links


World Peace Day

Tolerance 4 Kids
Diversity and Tolerance Information for Children

Promoting Tolerance
A project of San Clemente High School

Museum of Tolerance

Not In Our Town
Citizens Respond To Hate (from PBS)
"If Not You, Then Who?"

An Interview With God
An interesting perspective

The Week in Pictures @ MSNBC

Absolutely Positive
Quotes, Stories, and Poems

Peace Rain
Turn up your speakers, take a minute,
and enjoy.

Peace Breath
A five-minute meditation.

Other Sites I Support

Infant and Pregnancy Loss Rememberance

'Celebrate Your Marriage Day' Online Petition
Sign if you're interested!

If you have a site related to these topics and would like to exchange links, please e-mail me at All links are subject to my approval. Thank you!

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