Prayer of The Day Awards

Celebrate Diversity Award: December 2000
"Your site proves to be accepting of all faiths and has some really great prayers. All people and all faiths have great positives to offer and you bring these to light."
Thanks, Alyssa!

Kiss Of Excellence: October 2001
"Please accept my award for your inspiring website."
Thank You, SommerKiss!

Friendly Site Award: October 2001
"I enjoyed my visit to your site, Prayer Of The Day, so very much. Your pages are all wonderfully done with very interesting and inspirational content. I am very pleased to offer you my Friendly Site Award."
Thanks so much, Colleen!

Beauty and Charm/White Dove Award: October 2001
"It is with great pleasure that I present you with my ...
Beauty and Charm Award - for a lovely inspirational site
White Dove Award - for friendship around the world"
Thank You, Renelf!

World of Wonder Award: August 2002
Thank You, Alycia!
Site Note: I was very impressed by Alycia's site. You should check it out if you like Jeff Corwin and/or animals!

Award of Excellence: September 2002
Thanks, Sue!

Echos of my Heart Award: September 2002
Thank you very much, Terrie!

Award for Spirituality Excellence: March 2003
My thanks to Marie!

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