A Prairie Place

Almost all prairie plants are perennial, so with luck, they live very long lives.  In fact, these plants may often be older than the trees nearby.  

They are survivors, experts at dealing with strife - drought, crowding, nutrient sources, whatever.   And
like people, they are deeper than they seem at first.  In a prairie, the forest is under ground, roots at all levels fighting for the footholds that benefit them.   And every year, conditions favor one species over another, so every year, a prairie place becomes quite different. 

A symphony in progress, each year being a new suite, reflecting the combinations of rain and sun, heat or cold, and time of seed.  Look closely next time at those worthless weedy places.  Maybe there is really more to see!

Maybe there is really more to everyone we meet!


Welcome! Pages will grow here, but in the mean time, what is there to say? 

I hope to link a lot of interests together in this space.  And there are a lot.  Science, nature, religion, poetry, stories, are all quests for truth.  And diverse in the power and light they bring into our lives....... 

Stay tuned

Pale Purple Coneflower
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