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Pharsea's Philosophical Primer.

Expanded versions of much of the material
listed on this page appears in my book

"New Skins for Old Wine: Plato's Wisdom for Today's World."

I am now looking for a publisher for my second book "The Good of Being"

Hello!  I rejoice in being a "Platonist, Objectivist, Traditionalist" Catholic Physicist. I hope that you'll find my philosophical musings of interest. To find out more about me click here, or visit my HomePage

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If you'd like to discuss any of the philosophical and cultural issues raised here, such as Platonism, Friendship, Epistemology; Subjective-Relativism vs Objective-Realism; the Threat of Islam; Science and Religion; the Philosophy of Mind and Consciousness;
Conscience and Authority; Democracy and Monarchy..... enter your email and click on the picture to join my discussion list.

"New Skins for Old Wine"
Check out this video: New Skins for Old Wine: Platos Wisdom for Todays World

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