The "Bundesschau" in Kassel/Germany 1999

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View to one of three halls of fame... Some pet shops are present on the Bundesschau every year Long rows of Border and Fife Fancy canaries.

   BS99-4.jpg (13064 Byte)          BS99-5.jpg (17008 Byte)          BS99-6.jpg (16509 Byte)

The winner of the budgerian championships.   Yorkshires with their great showcages are allways on the top. Real good Munchener winning some ribbons.

BS99-7.jpg (17544 Byte)          BS99-8.jpg (20256 Byte)          BS99-9.jpg (18316 Byte)

Scotish Fancy in an original showcage... Zebrafinches are the most popular finches on the showbench. One of the biggest petshops in Germany (Quicko) presents all what a breeder's heart wants.

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