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Pictures of Fifes
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Variegated yellow Fife.

Fife Fancys are my favorite canaries. I bred them since 1989. I love these little, always active birds since I have seen some champions on a local cage bird show in Berlin in 1986.  If you want to get more informations about breeding, feeding, moulting or illness, please click here or mail me...

Chicks about 15 days old Green yellow Fife. Group of young Fifes.

Do you enjoy these pictures? If you have some pictures of  Fife Fancy canaries, please send me some via email. I'am very interested in how Fife look like in other countries.

 Fife blue yellow. Another Fife blue yellow. Cinnamon Silver Variegated Fife

And now, the newest pictures of my Fifes. All pictures were shot in june/july of 1999.
Fife green yellow (cock)
Fifes at seedbox (all cocks) Fife yellow self (cock) Fifes taking a sunbath (all cocks) Fife green yellow (cock) Fife yellow self (cock, 8 years old) My outdoor aviary

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