Hi, my name is Pamela, welcome to my site.

I'm a New Jersey girl married to a crossdresser. I must admit, in the beginning I was not thrilled about the fact that my husband loved to dress in women’s clothing, but in time, after reading and talking to other crossdressers, I have learned quite a bit about this practice and have learned to accept it and support him.

I, as many others, heard the word “crossdresser” or “transgender” and automatically thought of the people that are displayed on those afternoon talk shows. I have since found out that they are the exception, not the norm. Most people that I have talked with are just into dressing. They find that it helps them deal with their femme side. Most I have talked with are totally straight, some are not. Some are single, others married, some with accepting wives, others do not, Some are keeping this secret side of them from their wives. I have also talked with those that are not quite sure what is happening to them, and they are trying to get a handle on all of this.

The purpose of this web site is to give support to the transgender community, an outlet so to speak. I welcome your e-mails and will try to give you a sounding board when you just need an opportunity to talk, or vent. For you girls out there that have the ability to purchase your femme needs, you may still want to take a look at my site. I'll be selling new items from time to time which I purchased on one of my many shopping excursions.

I have also discovered that many of you do not feel comfortable in obtaining your needs to make your transition to your femme side. Especially those who live in small towns and do not have access to an array of discreet shopping outlets. I would be happy to assist you in obtaining clothes,such as, stockings, pantyhose, panties, bras, garter belts, make up, wigs, accessories, etc. If you don't see an item listed here, just e-mail me. For further information, click on the enter button below.

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