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Tommy and PJ is moving. Our new address will be www.ottercomics.com/tpj .

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Welcome to Tommy and P.J., the strip that combines the imagination of youth with Barlowe's guide to extra-terrestrials.
Tommy and P.J. first appeared in the Julesburg Advocate around 1991, and ran for about six months. It was drawn by the CEO of intense Comics, Eric Vary. Then, in January of 2000, the strip was revived by Oren Otter. Fortunately, the original artist didn't mind, probably owing to the fact that they're the same guy.
Tommy and P.J. will be updated approximately once a week. There will be a healthy mix of brand new color strips, strips which ran in the Julesburg Advocate, and sketches which never made it into publication.

For more fun, please visit my other comic strip, "The Changing Workplace".

You can e-mail me at don't@send.spam

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Tommy and P.J. recently attended Gornul the dragon's Birthday Party! Check it out!

Want to learn more about Tommy and P.J.'s home planet? Here are some sketches I drew of Venusians and of Venus.

Venusian anatomy

a front view, showing the odd vegetalien musculature.

A teacher and several students

A Filocan Soldier

A map of Venus, based on actual Venusian geography

Tommy and P.J. and all related material are property of Intense Entertainment.
Tommy and P.J. proudly participated in the Peanuts Quilt.
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