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The Ottawa Pagan Meet & Greet
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The Ottawa Pagan Meet & Greet is on the 2nd Wednesday evening of every month at Buster's Bar & Grill Lincoln Fields Shopping Centre 2525 Carling Avenu. Parking is free.

The Ottawa community had a monthly Meet & Greet a long time ago and for years it was a great success bringing together people from various traditions of Wicca and Paganism to talk and get to know each other. It was also a great way for people interested in Paganism to find contacts, connections and information. We hope to see you there. Bus routes 2, 85, and 97 will get you there. Also, Lincoln Feild Station is a just short walk way.

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Just in case you missed it above, the Ottawa Pagan Meet & Greet is on the 2nd Wednesday evening of every month at Buster's Bar & Grill Lincoln Fields Shopping Centre 2525 Carling Avenu. For directions, please see the top of the page!

Winter Drum Circle 
Description: This is a free-style drum circle. In the first hour or so, players can share rhythms in a semi-structured learning/teaching circle. From there it can evolve into an open jam. There will be a kettle for hot water with coffee, tea or hot chocolate available at no cost. Children welcome.

The Ottawa Pagan Conference: The last Ottawa Pagan Conference was held this past Spring 2009.

The Ottawa Pagan Brunch meets on the first and third Sunday of every month at approx 11 am, at Uncle Louis' Restaurant & Pizza. 1054 Ogilvie Road, Gloucester. (613)748-1211.

Around The Goddess - A women's group, ph. (613)247-8469.

First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, 30 Cleary Ave off Richmond, east of Woodroffe on the 2 & 18 bus routes.

Druid Conversation Wednesday: Red Maple Grove Conversation Wednesday occurs on the first Wednesday of every month. For more information contact the Red Maple Grove at

Ottawa Pagan Schola: offering public basic to intermediate classes for interested pagans. To find out more about the programme, please contact Rick.

WynterGreene Newsletter - The Wyntergreene is published in Montreal but as a lot of information about the Ottawa Pagan Community.

Thornhaven (ADF)
Thornhaven Protogrove is a rural focused ADF Protogrove serving the South Nation watershed. Thornhaven offers monthly a monthly discussion group. Contact for details.
Location: Inkerman, Ontario

The Lunar Fellowship 
Lunar Fellowship is not offering Full Moon Rituals at this time. To contact The Lunar Fellowship please e-mail us at

The Rúnatýr Kindred
The Rúnatýr Kindred is a Ottawa based Asatru Kindred which offers kin and kith a place to celebrate together. For more information join our Facebook group at...

Ottawa Tarot Club

Other Area Resources

The Crystal Dawn, 211 Dalhousie St. 613-241-2262
Sunnyside Books, 113 Murray St. 613-241-0943
Singing Pebble Books, 202A Main St. 613-230-9165
Sage Books, 207 Bell St. N. 613-233-7243
Boutique Esoterique, 56 Rue Eddy, Hull 819-776-4579
Montreal Pagan Resource Centre, 1928 St. Catherine St. W. Montreal
Karen's Used Books Store and Tarot Readings, 1116 Wellington St. 613-722-3488
Hungry Eye Celestial Products, Occult Supplies & Services (by appointment only) 613-231-4261
3Trees, 202 Main St. 613-230-0304
Serendipity Books & Gifts, 1337-B Wellington St. (Westboro area), 613-722-3400
Sacred Kiln: an Ottawa based online pagan/wiccan store.
Bride's Mill Studio: beautiful works of art in Glass, Metal, and Wood. 613-375-8313
l'Essence Ciel, 859 Jacques Cartier, Gatineau. (on the front side of the river, close to Lady Aberdeen's Bridge)

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