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Webmistress: Nozomi
Listed: Taboo Listings
Opened: August 24, 2004
Last Updated: December 11, 2006
Total Fans: 13

December 11, 2006 One new member.

September 3, 2005 No new fans. However, some codes were added. And this site has been up for a year! XDXP

August 10, 2005 Moved back to the old Url. My host decided to close his domain. >.< But I got everything in order. I thank Naoto for actually hosting me though, even the small time I was.

August 4-8, 2005 Joined six listings. Moved listings to the links page. Added three affiliates. Added a few members. Made ten more codes. Added a picture of Chita.

July 24-25, 2005 Finally I'm back up. XP Unfortunately, I lost the 16 members so, -all- old members must -rejoin-! I apologize for the inconveniance. I've added 3 new codes though. Perhaps the thinnest layout ever. With lame pixal stretching. But it works. Thank Naoto for hosting me. Because he rocks.


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