Whilie, is a dwarf German Shepherd dog she lives in New South Wales, Australia  in my  house  with me. she likes to lick my hand. She also sniffs everything when She goes on walks.

Whillie has hardly any fur in these pictures so she has to be a house dog other wise she would get sunburned in summer in Australia and she would freeze in winter.
She used to sleep in the bottom of the linen cupboard but now sleeps in the lounge room she is a super little watch dog.

Dwarfism is usually caused by genetic disorders, Dwarfism can happen in the german shepherd breed, breeders don`t  intentionally try to breed dwarfs.

Most breeders put dwarf`s down!

Dwarf german shepherds need thyroid medication other than that they are normal happy little dogs
whillie dwarf german shepherd dog & normal size male german shepherd
Whilie dwarf German shepherd & a normal size german shepherd dog
dwarf german shepherd dog
whilie dwarf german shepherd dog
whillie and I live in NSW Australia
Whilie and I live in NSW Australia
Whillie dwarf german shepherd dog information
About my Dwarf German Shepherd dog Whillie
whillie dwarf german shepherd dog
dwarf german shepherd dog
- long naps

- playing with the other german    shepherd dogs

- chasing the hose

- chewing up my shoes boots slippers

-eating beetles and grubs chicken
Whillie Likes:
Whilies SIRE & DAM
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