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Iranian Children's Stories 


Goftoguye Darakhtha by Fahime-ye Mirhadi, age 12 yrs 

Tehran: Marvarid, 1342/1963

Goftoguye Darakhtha - 'Conversation of the Trees'

English Translation:

 p.3. It was spring. The trees and the flowers too, like the people, were celebrating No Ruz. Everyone was wearing green clothes and  had colorful hats on their heads. 

p.4. They looked at each other for a while under the golden light of the sun. Suddenly they all let out a cry, saying: Its good if we choose from among us the most best and beautiful tree! 

p.5. First of all the apricot spoke up and said, My blossom opens earlier than any other, my fruit is sweet, its skin is golden, and has a red color. You have to choose me! 

p.6. Black cherry said, What are you saying? Me too, I blossom at the same time as you, and I give fruit earlier than you as well. My fruit is red-colored and they make fruit cordial and jam and pilau rice from it.

 p.7. Red cherry laughed and said, Im bigger and sweeter than you. Everybody eats me with great pleasure, and my various colors take the hearts of people. 

p.8. Plum said, Although I ripen after you, the children like me much more and become happy when they see me. They like me so much that they even eat my unripe fruit. Those who dont like my sour taste cook me with sugar and make compote. 

p.9. Pear said, I wait until the sun makes me sweet and full of juice. I am bigger than you and my fruitful time is longer than yours. Im both delicious and good for you. Havent you heard that they call me the king of fruit? 

p.10. Apple said, Thats enough! Dont be so proud of yourselves! Havent you seen what a pleasant color my flowers have? No-one ever becomes tired of me. I come out in a different form every season. Sometimes Im small and white, and sometimes red colored and juicy. Many times I have heard it said, If you eat an apple every day, the doctor will never come to your house. 

p.11. Mulberry said, None of you have my sweetness. I am like sweet honey. I am exquisite and people love me. My leaf-laden branches give a cool shade and my leaves are the best food for silkworms.

 p.12. Walnut said, Talking of giving shade, I am better than everyone. I am tall and my bushy branches give a lot of shade. They eat my fruit fresh and dried. They use the wood of my tree for making chairs and tables. 

p.13. Pomegranate laughed and said, I am better than everyone. I come out when the time of all of you is passing. Thousands of sweet red seeds are hidden inside me. 

p.14. Orange said, Why are you vainly bragging? I also come out in winter. My fruit is delicious and juicy and good for you. Everyone adorns  the head of the bride with my sweet smelling flower. 

p.15. At this time a little shy violet lifted its head from among the leaves and said, Why are you all quarrelling with each other for no reason? I am surprised that you, who are bigger than me and who, from that height can see all of the world, havent realized that something other yourself is beautiful!


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