Everyone became upset because they were uninformed. That day, photographs of the two peas appeared in the newspaper along with reports of the latest fashion.

Several days later when the two peas went out on the street, they saw that the face of the city had changed. Most people were wearing a shoe on their head and a pair of hats on their feet.

Nokhodi's guess had been proved right. But that was only the beginning of the matter. Those who had invested capital in the world of fashion were astonished because a little genius had put such an idea into action. They were sure that if Nokhodi entered the world of clothes and fashion, enormous profits would come their way. 

After that day, special invitations rained down on him. But Nokhodi didnt reply to any of these invitations. Nokhodi was thinking of a different and colorful world full of happiness for children, not of the price of emptying people's pockets!