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Tajiki Children's Publications 



  1)    Istiqbol (from 1952-1993/Soviet era called Mashal )

Monthly for 15 yr+ age groups

From 94 small size (A5) journal format w/80pp. published by Istiqbol which became an NGO after the war.

Chief editor Latofat Kinjaeva


2)    Chashma started 1986 in Tajiki (Farsi, Russian issues produced 1988 to 1994) size reduced after 2000

Magazine of Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Tajikistan, Union of Writers.

For junior school kids (grades 1-3) 8-10 years

Chief editor Kamal Nasrullah

Published by Nashriyat-i Sharq-i Azad


3)      Oftobak started 2003 A5 size         Oftobak No.2

Chief editor Kamal Nasrullah

Published by Vergul

  3 languages on each page: Tajiki, Russian, English.

For junior school kids (grades 1-3) 8-10 years


4)      Rodnik 1986-1994, Russian magazine, same size and format as Chashma

Illustrated magazine, better quality shiny paper but later same quality as Chashma.


Newspapers :  

1)      Anbaz (1932-1991 called Pianiri Tajikistan) 1991 to present called Anbaz. First newspaper for kids in Tajikistan, weekly, chief editor Tajinisa Sultani, katibi masul Juma Mirza.

Published by Sharq-e Azad.


2)      Gulgul : chief editor Jura Hashimi design editor AziziAziz

Started 12-02-2001, in color, weekly. 2xA4 format.

With the financial support of the Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation, Government of Switzerland.

Published by Sorushan, 1500 tiraj, 4 pages

Good paper quality and colored but not shiny.

Has English section, stories, puzzles, highway code, maths puzzles.


3)      Zangula : started 1998, chief editor Kamal Nasrullah

Every month in addition to Chashma by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Published by Sharq-i Azad.


4)      Anushirvan : started May 2002, edito Khatemi Hamid, monthly, manager Akbar Sator. Publisher Etehadi Jamiati.

Contains articles, extracts and sayings of famous people, crosswords and puzzles, enigmas, classical stories, general knowledge facts, e.g. who invented bubblegum, proverbs, sayings, foreign expressions in Tajiki, articles on social and fashion phenomena such as tattoos, meanings of peoples names, extracts from The Guinness Book of Records, and some coloring sections. In the first issue of May 2002, the childrens writer Latofat Kinjaeva was interviewed by Anushirvans  correspondent. She was asked questions such as What was your dream when you were small? Whats your idea about the childrens world? Who is your best friend? What is your hope for this magazine? Her answer: Let the stars in the sky shine for the favor of this magazine. I wish a bright future for Tajik children and the success of this magazine.

Charkh-e Gardun newspaper produces Anushirvan and a magazine in Russian for children called Aladdin.


5) Aladdin: started in 2000. Editor V. Yakovlov, 15pp B/W, weekly.


Contains English language cartoon, 11 pages of puzzles & crosswords, international film and sports articles, horoscopes, B/W photos.



Detskaya Literatura Journal No.3, March 1981 in Russian.

Entire journal devoted to Tajiki children's literature; about writers, analytical articles, illustrations in color, writers articles and childrens own  drawings.



Union of Writers of the Republic of Tajikistan, Ministry of Culture

 (Etefaq-i Nevisandegan)

Founded in 1934 as part of Ministry of Culture. Mirza Turson Zadeh was its president from 1939-42. He was in Tehran working as a translator during the war, then as president again from 1946-1977.

It presently has 306 members, many of whom joined during the 1990s.

 Besides 3 childrens publications, has 3 adults publications:

Adabiyat va Sanaat (Literature and Art)

Newspaper for adult writers. Cultural Center of Iran produce one page in Farsi on Iranian literary scene.

  Pamir    - magazine in Russian.

  Seda-ye Sharq (Voice of the East) journal in Tajiki.

Chief editor: Jonibik Akobir

Started in 1927 for all Persian literature, including Farsi,Tajiki and Dari under the name Rahbari Danish, then as Sharkhi Sorkh and finally under its present name. It was a monthly, but now due to financial constraints it is published as a quarterly.



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