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Tajikistan Children's literature- Abstract

Tajikistan Children's literature- Conference Paper

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Program of the Second Biennial Conference of the Association for the Study of Persianate Societies, Yerevan, Armenia, 2-5 April 2004


Day I: Friday 2 April

 Registration: 9:00-16:00

 Welcoming Reception: 16:00- 17:00

Opening Address (G. Asatrian): 16:00-16:15

 Presidential Address (R. Matthee): 16:15-6:30

 Welcoming Speech (R. Martirosian (Rector of Yerevan State University): 16:30-16:40

 Welcoming speech (M. F. Koleini, Ambassador of the IRI): 16:40 - 16:50.

 Welcoming speech (D. Vohra, Ambassador of India): 1650-17:00.

 Boghos Levon Zekiyan, Univ. Ca Foscari, Venice:The Iranian Oikumene &Armenia 17:15-18:00

 Day II: Saturday 3 April; Morning

1.  Urban Realities and Urban Knowledge in Contemporary Iran

Chair: Said Amir Arjomand; Co-Chair: Mary Hegland

Kian Tajbakhsh, Cultural Research Bureau, Iran:  Urban Journals&Publications in Iran after Khatami

Azam Khatam, Tehran:  Anti-Urban Thinking in Social Discourse in Iran

Javad Alavi, Azad University, Tehran:  The Figure of the Urban in Contemporary Literature

Gholamreza Kazemian:  An Analysis of Dominant Perspectives within Urban Management in Iran

  1. Safavid and Mughal History

 Chair: Rudi Matthee; Co-Chair: R. Mukminova

 Said Amir Arjomand, SUNY Stony Brook:            The Rise of Shah Isma`il as a Mahdist Revolution

Colin P. Mitchell, Dalhousie Univ. Halifax, Ca:      Chancery Dynamics under Shah Khodabandeh (1578-1589)

A. Husain, Aligarh Muslim University. India:           Iranian Immigrants during the Reign of Akbar


3. Language and Literature in Present-Day Afghanistan

 Chair: K. K. Trivedi; Co-Chair: Barat Dehmardeh

 Guissou Jahangiri, Paris:       Women, Literature and War

Latif Pedram, Paris:                  Linguistic and Literary Resistance in Afghanistan

Abdollah Kheshtmand, Paris:  Minorities and Language: The Case of the Hazara


 4. Georgia and Iran

 Chair: Boghos Levon Zekiyan; Co-Chair: Ir该 Nachkebia

 Grigol Beradze, Inst. of Oriental Studies, Tbilisi:         Seventeenth-Century Persian Chronograms related to Georgia

Tamaz Abashidze, Inst. of Oriental Sudies, Tbilisi:      Georgian Bilingual Documents of the  16th-18th Centuries

Khatuna Todua, Inst. of Oriental Studies, Tbilisi:          Common Origins of Iranian and Georgian Hero Epics


Day II: Afternoon

 5. Armenia and Iran

 Chair:Grigol Beradze; C-Chair Artur Hambartsumian

 Hamlet Petrosyan, Acad. of Sciences of Armenia:  Armenian and Persian Perceptions of the Transience of Earthly Gardens 

Anna Krasnowolska, Jagiellonian Univ. Krakow:   Familiar Strangers: Armenians in Modern Iranian Literature

Gholam `Abbas Tavassoli: Univ. of Tehran:         The Emigration of Iranian Armenians after 1979

Ludwig Paul, Univ. Halle, Germany:                       F. C. Andreas and the History of Iranian Studies in Germany

 6. Pre-Islamic Iranian Culture

 Chair: Vladimir Livshits; Co-Chair: Mahmoodi Bakhtiari

 Giusto Traina, University of Lecce, Italy:            Rome, Iran and Armenia in 428 A.D.: A Global Perspective

Matteo Compareti, University of Naples, Italy:    A Possible Sasanian Textile Fragment in the Benaki Museum

A. Zhamkochyan and N. Hagopyan,

Inst. for Archeology, Armenia:                               Sasanian Seals and Sealings from Armenia

Jahanshah Derakhshani, Univ. of Tehran:            Earliest Traces of the Iranian People


7. Pre-Islamic Iranian Traditions

 Chair: Philip Kreyenbroek; Co-Chair: Mohammad Reza Parhizgar

 Albert De Jong, Univ. Leiden, Netherlands:            Zoroastrians in Baghdad: Evidence from Pahlavi and Arabic Texts

S. Alam, Patna Univ., India:            Zoroastrian Culture and Indian Brahmins

Arthur Hambartsumian, St. Petersburg:            On Zarers Name and the Fortress of Zarer

A. Esmailpour, Shahid Beheshti Univ., Iran:             Gods and Goddesses in Kitab al-Rad al-Zandiq al-Lain Ibn Muqaffa`


8. Kurdish and Yezidi Oral and Textual Traditions

 Chair: Garnik Asatrian; Co-Chair: Habib Borjian 

Sa`id Valadbeigi, Tehran:            Iranian Music and Its Mythical Foundations

Philip Kreyenbroek, Univ. of Göttingen:                    History in an Oral Environment: the Concept of History in Traditional Yezidi Texts

Christine Allison, INALCO, Paris:            Kurdish Autobiography: from Erebe Shemo to Ahmad Bamami

Victoria Arakelova, Yerevan State Univ.:            Sultan Ezid in the Yezidi Religion: Genesis of the Character

Day III: Sunday 4 April; Morning


9. Folkore I Chair: Anna Krasnowolska; Co-Chair: Vahe Boyajian 

John Perry, Univ. of Chicago:            Turandot and the Function of Riddles

Sayfiddin Mirzoev, Dushanbe, Tajikistan:            Āl in the Imagination of the Yaghnob People

Mehran Afshari, Islamic Encyclopedia, Iran:             Javanmard-e Qassab: His Life and Background

Mushegh Asatrian, Yerevan State Univ.:            The Peacock in the Nahj ul-Balagha and in Near Eastern Traditions

10.  Regional and Global Trade

 Chair: Hatim Mahamad; Co-Chair: Colin Mitchell 

G. A. Agzamova, Tashkent, Uzbekistan:            Trade Relations between the Bukharan Emirate and Iran in the Early 19th C  

Audrey Burton, Univ. of Leeds:                         RhubarbTrade

R. G. Mukminova, Tashkent, Uzbekistan:            The Development of Trade Relations between Uzbekistan and the Near East, 15th-17th C.

Mehdi Parviz Amineh, Univ. of Leiden:            The Global Trade System and the Safavids in the 16th Century

11.   Medieval History (2 hours and 30 minutes)

 Chair: Giusto Traina; Co-Chair:  Jahanshah Derakhshani

 Hatim Mahamad, Tel Aviv, Israel:                          Persians in Fatimid Egypt

Sara Nur Yildiz, Istanbul, Turkey:                             Political Structures and the Exercise of Power in 13th-Century Seljuk Anatolia                       

Barat Dahmardeh, Sistan Univ, Zahedan, Iran:     Why and How did the Rulers of Sistan Forge their Lineage?

K. K. Trivedi, Jawaharlal Nehru Univ., Delhi:          Iqta`: Mainstay of the Sultanate Administration and its Achilles Heel

Andrew Peacock, British Inst. of Arch., Ankara:    Persian Sources for the Medieval History of  Eastern Anatolia and the Caucasus


  1.   Society and Family

Chair: Jo-Ann Gross; Co-Chair: Albert de Jong

 Nafisa Abd el-Sadek, Univ. of Edinburgh:         Persianate Childrens Literature

Sekandar Amanolahi, Shiraz University             Ethnic Variation in Iran

Hossein Godazgar, Univ. of Tabriz, Iran:            Comparative Study of Identity among Iranian, Armenian, Kurdish and Turkish Female Children

Mary Hegland, Santa Clara Univ.:                       Tajik Elderly Holding Their Own


Day III: Afternoon

13.   Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century History

Chair: Guissou Jahangiri; Co-Chair: Tamaz Abashidze 

Ir该 Nachkebia, Oriental Inst. Tblisi:            Diplomatic Relations between France and Persia: A report by Mir Davud Zadur (1816)

Habib Borjian, New York City:                        `Abd al-Rauf Fitrat Bukhari and His Persian Literary Heritage     

Hossein Abadian, Univ. of Qazvin, Iran:            The Role of Armenians in the Constitutional Revolution

Mirjam K쮀, Columbia Univ.:                        From Aql via Velayat to Shura? Four Islamic discourses in the Quest for the Role of Religion in Modern Iran

  14.  Sufi Communities and Shrines

 Chair: Harry Norris; Co-Chair: Victoria Arakelova

Jo-Ann Gross, the College of New Jersey:            Shrines and Sufi Circles in 14th-15th Century Khuttalan, Chaghanian and Hisar

Hamza Kamal, Dushanbe, Tajikistan:                     Shrines and Pilgrimages in Tajikistan

M. B. Kamaleddin, the Nur University:                     Language of the People of the Heart

I. A. Zilli, Alighar Univ., India:   Central Organization and Succession among Early Chishtis in India

 15. Workshop: Virtual Middle East Library Project of Halle University (1 hour)

 Kamran Arjomand, University of Halle

16. Meeting of the Representatives of Regional Councils (1 hour; closed session)

 17.  Comparative Issues in Art and Architecture

 Chair: Raisa Amirbekian; Co-Chair: Mariam Gvelesiani  

Eliso Akhvlediani, Georgia:  Some Parallels between Iranian and Iberian Architecture

Seda Devejian, Nat. Acad. Of Science, Armenia: Armenian-Iranian Cultural Links according to Excavated Materials of Lori Berd (IX-VI C. B.C.)

Frina Babayan, Nat. Acad. Of Science, Armenia: Armenian Iranian Analogies in Medieval Applied Art 


Day IV: Monday 5 April; Morning

18. Folklore II

Chair:  Sekandar Amanolahi; Co-Chair: Vardan Voskanian 

Rosemary Stanfield-Johnson, U. of Minn., Duluth: A Comparison of Different Versions of the Hoseyn-e Kord

V. Boyajian, Univ. of Yerevan, Armenia:                 Folk Beliefs in Baluchistan

Askar Bahrami, Islamic Encyclopedia, Iran:          Culture of Names among the Bakhtiyari


19.  Representations in Art and Literature

 Chair: Kourosh Kamali; Co-Chair: Hamza Kamol

 Mohammad Reza Parhizgar, Shiraz Univ.:  Iconicity in the Persian Language

Firuza I. Abdullaeva, St. Petersburg:     Heavenly Ascent of Kings in the Shahnameh

Alice C. Hunsberger:                              Not the Same Old Love Story: The Bliss of Jalal and Jamal

Raisa Amerbekiyan, Yerevan Univ.:     Qajar Portraiture during the Reign of Nasir al-Din Qajar


 20. Religion and Ritual

Chair: Alice Hunsberger; Co-Chair: Firuza Abdullaeva

Renata Rusek, Jagiellonian Univ., Krakow            The Defense of Iblis in Eyn al- Qozat Hamadani (1096/98-1031)

Fereydun Vahman, Copenhagen, Denmark:         Some Remarks on the Continuity of Cult in Iran

Mariam Gvelesiani, Art Museum Georgia:            Georgian, Iranian and Armenian Religious Interrelations

 21. Language and Identity

 Chair:  John Perry; Co-Chair: Nafisa Abdel-Sadek

 Bert Fragner, Austrian Acad. Of Sciences:      Nationalist Thinking and Persian as Lingua Franca

M. Borjian-Mohammadi, Hunter College:          Bilingualism in Mazandaran

Vardan Voskanian, Yerevan State Univ.:           A Newly Found Persian Dialect in Turkey

Antje Wendtland, Univ of Göttingen, Germany:  Gender-specific Differences in Pamir Languages  


Day IV: Afternoon

22. Irano-Armenica

Chair: Bert Fragner; Co-Chair: Antje Wendtland

V. A. Livshits, Inst. of Oriental St., St. Petersburg:  Parthian Elements in Armenian

Tork Dalalyan, Yerevan State Univ.:                         Armenian Loanwords in Ossetic

Moh. Malek Mohammadi, Yerevan State Univ.:     Iranian Religious Terms in Eznik Koghbatsis Yeghts Aghandots

B. Mahmoodi-Bakhtiari, Greater Islamic Enc.      Wind in the (West) Iranian Languages and Dialects


 Reception: Iran and the Caucasus

 23. Comparative Iranian Linguistics

 Chair: Fereydun Vahman; Co-Chair: Ludwig Paul 

P. B. Lurje, Inst.of Oriental St., St. Petersburg: Persianization of Transoxania

Bahreddin Aliev, Rudaki Institue, Dushanbe:  Sogdian Toponyms and their Meaning in the Zaravshan Valley of Tajikistan           

H. Rezai Baghbidi, Iranian Acad. Of Lang. and Lit:  Linguistic Peculiarities of the Oldest Persian Texts in Non-Arabic Scripts           

Hasmik Kirakosyan: The Common Characteristics of the Textual Attestations of Azeri Language

  24. Regions and Inter-regional Contacts in the Persianate World (2 hours and 30 minutes)

Chair: I. A. Zilli; Co-Chair: S. Alam


S. H. Mahmud, Univ. of Baroda, India:  Islamicization in Medieval Gujarat: A Study of the Isma`ili Communities           

M. Aki, Almaty, Kazakhstan:  Persian-speaking Jewish Communities in the Caucasus, Central Asia and China

M. Haidar, Aligarh Univ. India: Iran and Central Asia: Economic and Cultural Linkages and Interactions

Kourosh Kamali, Fars-shenasi Foundation:  Developing Relations Cultural among Persianate Societies

 Mattoo, Kashmir Univ., India:  Kashmir the Iran-i Saghir of the Middle Ages



Second Biennial Conference of the Association for the Study of Persianate Societies, Yerevan, Armenia, 2-5 April 2004

Tajikistan Children's literature-Abstract

Tajikistan Children's literature- Conference Paper

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