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Bahriddin Aliev 


Date of birth:             November 5, 1966

Place of birth:            Tajikistan

Nationality:                Tajik

Marital status:            Married with three children



1987 - 1992 -   Oriental Languages Department, Tajik State National University, Dushanbe, Diploma of orientalist (Farsi language and literature and Tajik language and literature).

1994 - 1997 - Postgraduate Study, the Rudaki Institute of Language and Literature, Academy of Sciences, Republic of Tajikistan (The history of Persian-Tajik Language).

1999, 30 June - Ph.D. (Doctor of Philology)



1992 - 1994 - computer operator at the Tajik language Foundation

1992 - 1995 - correspondent of "Somon" (the newspaper of the Tajik Language Foundation)

October 1994 - February 1995 - BBC correspondent in Tajikistan

1994 - 1995 - correspondent of newspaper "International" (France) in Tajikistan

May 1995 - May 1996 - press collaborator of Human Rights Watch (Helsinki)

1999 to present - Senior researcher of the Institute of Language and Literature of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan

October 1999 to present - National Co-ordinator of Radio Project of UNESCO (Tajikistan)

June 2000 to present - The secretary of the The International Association for the Study of Persian-Speaking Societies  (IASPS - US) in Dushanbe office



Translator and interpreter of Farsi and Tajik into Russian and vice versa, translator of English into Russian, Farsi and Tajik, computer knowledge.

Translated books:

1. Tajik history (written by R.Masov from Russian into Tajik)-200 p., Dushanbe, 1994

2. Politics for people (written by David Mathews - from English into Tajik) - 315 p., Dushanbe, 1998

3. Image and Reality (about United Nations, from English into Tajik)-70 p., Dushanbe, 1998

4. The UN in brief and UN agencies' activities in Tajikistan (from English into Tajik) - 70 p., Dushanbe, 1999

5. Manual for Conducting of Election & International Standards (from English into Tajik) - 70 p., Dushanbe, 1999

6. The Lamb is Helping Out (Children's book). (10 pages) Dushanbe 1998

6. Charter of the United Nations and The Statute of the International Court of Justice (from English into Tajik) - 80 p., Dushanbe, 1999

7. The Heritage of Central Asia (written by Richard Fray, Harvard University - from English into Tajik) - 300 p., Dushanbe, 1999

8. The Outline of American literature - from English into Tajik 120 pages



Fluent Tajik, Farsi, Russian, English, (good Uzbek).



Residence:      I.Somoni Str. 120, app.20, Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan, CIS.

Tel:                  +992 372 37 57 24 (hse); 21 60 11 (office)

E - mail:          aliev_bt@hotmail.com


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