AbduRazzoqi Razzoq 'Bayozi Riyozi' ('Mathematical Anthology') Dushanbe, 2002.

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Abdurazzoqi Razzoq was born on the 26th March, 1972 in Yori Village in Panjakent, and finished Secondary School No.9 of his village in 1989.

In 1993, he graduated from the Department of Journalism of the Union of Journalists. He 1995, he graduated from the Department of Mathematics of the K.Juraev Teacher Training University. As a teacher and mathematician, creator and journalist he printed and broadcast over 150 articles and items of correspondence on different subjects. As a researcher, he is the author of 15 scientific articles.

Abdurazzoqi Razzoq is the author and compiler of scientific and literary works such as Khonayi Umed ('Home of Hope'), [Collection of poems and stories, 1993], Durakhshi Qatraho ('Sparkle of Drops'), [poetry, 1995], Munasibati Riyoziyot va Adabiyot ('Relationship between Mathematics and Literature'), [methodological manual in co-authorship with A. Sufiev, 1995], Rudaki boyad ki oyad bori digar dar jahon ('Rudaki should come back to this world again'), [Collection of articles, 1996], Durakhshi Ashq ('Illumination of Love'), [poems, 1996], Sozi yori ('Harmony of Yor Village'), [children'spoetry, 1998], Ziyobakhshi Dilho ('Lightener of Hearts'), [Recollections, 1998], Ziyorati Khonayi Khudo ('Pilgrimage to the House of God'), [retold from Hoji Rahmonali Naimzoda, 2000], Ey, Ashq, ey, Qiyomat ('Hey, love, hey, doomsday'), [poetry, 2000].

He is a member of the Central Union for Young Scholars & Researchers of the Republic of Tajikistan, member of the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Tajikistan, affiliated to the International Congress of Journalists, chair of Geometry at K. Juraev Teacher Training University, teacher of the higher degree LTSKh in Secondary School No. 29 in Dushanbe. He is married with two children.

Abdurazzoqi Razzoq, Bayozi Riazi ('Mathematical Anthology') Dushanbe: Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan, K. Sh. Juraev State Pedagogical University of Tajikistan, 2002.

p.6, 'Number One'

Number one came to the square and began to speak
Opening its mouth, boasting about itself:
I am number one, single and unique
And I'm the only witness to the actions of the whole world
And all the numbers hurry after me
And I'm a saint in this world.
Everywhere you surely name me
God is one, earth is one and mother is one
And Qur'an and belief and country are one.
All of these are single and unique
As if they are a tunnel on my behalf
And everything which is one is worthy
And also strong and harmless.
Humanity is one and also his body and his heart
And his birthday is one and his difficult moment is one.
To put it in a nutshell, the whole world is one.
There's no need to say more, that's enough.

p.7, 'Number Two'

When number two came into the world of numbers
Stepping into the territory of mathematics:
I am the leader of all the paired numbers.
I am aside from singles, believe me!
All the world's beauty is in pairs
And human beings will enjoy mating.
Hey brother, if you don't believe me look at the people
And then you will believe my saying
Two eyes, two ears, two hands, two legs,
Two hips, two shoulders, two eyebrows are fine,
Husband and wife are as one beloved couple
And their offspring will derive proper behavior from them.
For a cart, two wheels are enough
And for Muslims there are two worlds.
For a human being there are two worlds without doubt.
One is the world of disappearance and the other is the world of eternity.
Two lines make a fine couplet
The pigeon is capable with two wings.
Hey brother look, the secret of number two
Everything you want, look for the pairs
And be aware that I am number two, number two, number two!
Everything you want from my secrets, read from me
But look - don't get two* in school!
In order not to be the worst in society.

*(School marking on scale 2-5, 5 is best)

p.36, 'Rhyming Quatrains'

p.37, 4th verse:

Razzoq, you drank the unboiled milk
Why are you forlorn and drowned in the sorrow of time?
Enjoy the wine and don't remember the sorrow of time!
After all, you are the grandchild of Khayyam.

5th verse:

When walking I always say one, two, three, four
Day and night, running in the street of geometry
My predecessors looked for and I'm looking for too, and I'm going to find
Every moment the same hidden X and Y.

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