Latofat Kinjaeva 

Latofat Kinjaeva was born in the center of Gonchi District on 8th June 1950. She started writing poems when she was 15 years old and published them in newspapers. She graduated with honors in 1972 from the Department of Journalism of the National University of Tajikistan. From 1972 she spent 10 years working for the Committee for Radio and Television where she was editor of radio programs for Radio Tajik and department chairman.

Latofat has been involved with the monthly magazine Istiqbol since it was known as Mashal. In 1981, she started in the Dept. of Literature and Culture, and then became editor of Mashal.

Istiqbol became an NGO after the war. The magazine is for older children, although Mashal was for readers aged 7-15 years. Mashal started in 1952 and continued production throughout the war as a monthly until 1993. 100,000 to 300,000 were printed during this period, but later this dropped to 3-7000 copies and only two or three issues a year were produced. From 1994 it was produced in a smaller format with 80 pages. From 2003 it has been produced monthly.

Latofat is presently chief editor of the monthly magazine Istiqbol. She was compiler of the collection Lolaarusak, 1980, Dar Diyori Dustan (In The Country of Friends), 1982, Taronaho (Songs), 1986, Marjoni Rangho (Colored Necklace), 1990, Sharora-yi Khateraho (Splash of Memories), 1992, Sanduqchayi Marvorid (Box of Pearls), 1997. She has been a member of the Writers Union since 1995.



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