Jura Hoshimi


Jura Hashimi was born on 9th Jan 1948 in the village of Quroq, Pulodon Soviet Village, Konibodom Region.

In 1962 he entered the 8yr school no. 23. In 1965, he entered Secondary School no. 25, and in 1971 he graduated from the Philological Correspondence Course of the National University of Tajikistan. He began his career as proofreader in the Irfon State Publishing House (1965-1968), then he worked as editor of musical programs on the Radio and Television Committee of the republic of Tajikistan (1968-1970), as professional correspondent, chairman of the Literature and Art section of Pionari Tajikistan newspaper (1970-1976), and as responsible secretary for Chashma magazine (1986-1981). From 1972-1973, he did military service in the Baltic fleet, and from 1991 he was president of the Childrens Literature Council of the Union of Writers of Tajikistan. His poems have been published nationally since 1965. Examples of his work are included in various collections, educational materials for kindergarten and many other anthologies. His works have also been translated and published in the publishing houses of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and many of the former Republics of the Soviet Union. He has translated from Russian into Tajiki the poems of famous childrens poets included in the first volume of the Anthology of Childrens Soviet Literature (2 volumes from 15 Soviet Countries, Dushanbe: Adib, 1998). He has written:

Soyaboni Sadranga (The Umbrella of 100 Colors) Dushanbe: Maorif, 1980.

Oftobak (Little Sun) Dushanbe: Maorif, 1986.

Khati Amoni (Healths Letter), Dushanbe: Adib, 1989.

Man Alefba Mikhonam (I read ABC) with co-author Abdulmalik Bahori, Dushanbe: Maorif, 1994.

Man be Koja Medovam? (Where am I running to?) in Russian, Dushanbe: Adib, 1999.

Kulcha charo Shirin ast? (Is the sheeps tail-fat sweet?), Dushanbe: Maorif, 2000.

From 1982, he was awarded the Excellent Writer in the Sphere of Education medal by the Ministry of Education. From 1991, he has been a member of the Union of Writers of Tajikistan and in 1992, he received their annual award for his best poems dedicated to children, and in 1994, he received the Honorary Certificate of the Republic of Tajikistan.


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