Jonon Karim Bobokalanova 

Jonon Karim Bobokalonova was born on 13th September 1929 in the village of Pulodoni, Konibodom District into a family of servicemen.

In 1945 Jonon started her studies in the Preparatory Department of the Teacher Training University of Dushanbe. She completed her preparatory studies in 1946 and was accepted into the Faculty of Language and Literature of the same university. In 1949 she graduated with honors. In the same year she started working both in the C. Aini High School as teacher of Tajiki language and literature and at the same time in the offices of the publishers of the childrens magazine Piyanir as department manager.

From 1950-51 Jonon did post-graduate research at the Teacher Training Institute and later worked as the chairman of Tajiki Literature. Today she is Doctor of Linguistic Sciences professor and chairman of Tajiki Literature.

In 1958 she successfully defended her thesis at higher doctorate level The Works of Mirsaid Mirshakar for Children in the Faculty of Eastern Studies of the Arts Academy of St. Petersburg. The first scientific methodological works of Jonon Bobokalonova were published early in the 1950s. Tajiki childrens literature at this time was still undeveloped and lacking in criticists. Jonon dedicated herself to the newly founded childrens literature and the research of its historical problems.

She is the compiler of many scientific and problematic articles. She penned the first Khrestomatiya-kitob oid ba Adabiyoti Bachagonai SovetiyiTojiki (Anthology of Soviet Childrens Literature), Dushanbe: 1971, Materialho oid ba Adabiyoti Bachagonan Tojik (Materials on Tajiki Childrens Literature), Dushanbe: 1975, Tadzhikskaya Detskaya Literatura (Tajiki Childrens Literaute), Dushanbe: 1982, Geroi i Vrema (Hero and Time), Dushanbe: 1991, Az Balandihoyi Kuhi Sarbaland (From the Peak of the Glorious Mountain), Dushanbe: 1992, Oftobi Sari Kuh (Sun on Top of the Mountain) Dushanbe: 1998, Nakshi Zanon dar Nomayi Shohon (The Role of Women in the Kings Letters), Dushanbe: 1998, Boli Hunar (The Wing of Art), Dushanbe: 1999, and other great works which have been printed by the state publishers Maorif, Adib and Irfon.

In 1976 Jonon published a work entitled Mirshakar: Shoiri Bachegon (Mirshakar: A Childrens Poet). She participated in the editing and compilation of Tazkirayi Adabiyoti Bachagon (Collection of Childrens Literature), consisting of five volumes, Dushanbe: Maorif, 1979-84. She collaborated with Bahrom Firuz on the second volume of this work and compiled independent articles for this work.

Jonon has produced around ten works in recent years, including:

Simoyi Zanon dar Adabiyoti Forsi Tojik (The Role of Women in Farsi-Tajiki Literature), consisting of five volumes, Allomayi Hunar (Great Man of Art), Nazari ba Tarikhi Tanqidi Adabiyi Tojiki Fors, (A Look at the History of Literary Criticism of Farsi Tajiki Literature), and a collection of her articles by the name of Neki Bemonad Yodgor (Good Deeds will Remain for Ever) has been printed.

She is involved in the compilation of the textbook Adabiyoti Bachagon (Childrens Literature). Jonon is Alojiyi Maorifi Khalk ( A student of National Education) 1971, a member of the Union of Writers of Tajikistan , 1991, a member of the Union of Journalists of Tajikistan, 1995, she became a prominent scientific figure of the Republic of Tajikistan, 1994, medalholder Baroyi Mehnat Shoyon (For Deserved Deed), 1970, a student of hight school and special secondary school, 1950 and holder of several merit awards.

Her first thesis (in Russian, 1958, St. Petersburg) about Mirshakar is the only existing doctoral thesis to date on the subject of a childrens writer in Tajikistan. 

Professor Babakalonova writes her own poems and stories for children too. She has a book in publication for children in both Russian and Tajiki, and she taught literature courses in a number of universities. In addition to childrens literature, she also taught classic and modern literature and literary criticism. She has recently published a sociology book on the history of women in Tajikistan, Zan va Zamon, Dushanbe: Adib, 2000. 



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