Yusufjon Ahmadzoda 

Yusufjon Ahmadzoda was born on 29th December, 1947 in Tezguzari settlement area, Pulodone Soviet Village, Konibodom district.

After graduating from high school, he left his home town for Dushanbe. From 1965, along with his studies in the Faculty of Tajiki Language and Literature of the National University of Tajikistan, he also worked in Irfon Publishing House. Firstly, until university graduation, he worked as a proofreader, then a junior editor and after that as a senior editor. Now he is the Chief Editor of the Children and Youths Literature Department of Adib Publishing House. (Shubei Adabiyoti Kudakon va Javononi Intishorati Adib, Vazarati Farhangiyi Jumhuriyi Tojikiston.)

Yusufjon is recognized in literary circles as a childrens poet and realistic writer. He writes many songs and recites ghazals. His poems, stories and tales are compiled in such collections as Tuhfaho (Gifts), 1978, Murghobi chi Mekobi? (Duck, what are you looking for?), 1981, Khorsandi, (Happiness), 1982, Hulbu, (Mint), 1987, Sadsola Shave, Durroj! (Durroj, live one hundred years!), 1989, Panjoh Barg, (Fifty Leaves), 1996, Marzi Baland, (Long Border) 1997, [This book is about the life and activity of the ex-chairman of the Collective Farm Organization (Kolkhaz), and hero of the Soviet Struggle, Enajon Boimatova], and Parvin ((Pleiades) which was to have been published in Iran in 1998.

Yusufjon has contributed to the translation of many foreign and Soviet Union writers into Tajiki, such as K.Chukovsky, Sergei Marshak, R. Mumin, Agniya Barto, Sukhomlinsky, Bunin, Virtautas Bubnis, Arvo Valto, L.Tudeyev, the Brothers Grimm, Yanka Brill, Laila al-Usman, Vladimir Mezentsev and others. He also translated the famous novel of Bernardo Gimarains, The Servant named Izaura.

From 1990 he has been a member of the Union of Writers of Tajikistan.



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